Top Equipment Your Need to Make Studio Desk

Making a studio desk can be a fun but challenging project. But you’re not the only one who will use it. Your family and friends may also use the furniture depending on how you design and where you place it (for example, in your house or office). With some help from online guides, you can make your DIY studio desk.

Here is the top equipment you need to make this furniture:

The Hand Drill

The good part about this equipment is that you can drill wood and metal. This tool has a handle with different speed-control features. If you know how to use this equipment, expect great results at the end of your project, either for woodworking or metalwork projects.

The Jigsaw

This equipment is one of the must-have tools to make your studio desk. It can cut both wood and metal, the same as the hand drills mentioned above. What makes it different from other cutting tools is its blade.

Unlike other saws, you don’t need to replace this blade every time it becomes dull because you can use any knife. It has a mechanism that you can use to make various kinds of cuts.

The Sander (Or Belt Sander)

If you like making things smooth, this tool is one to consider. This equipment works by moving the sandpaper in any direction across the wood or metal, making this part smooth and ready for finishing the DIY studio desk.

 There are many types of sanders available online, and you can choose the best one that will suit your needs as a woodworker or metalworker.

The Router

You may think this equipment is only valuable for carpentry projects, but it also has its place in metalworking projects, especially those involving piping. If you’re having trouble making grooves and joints for your studio desk, then you need to invest in a router.

The Knee Mill

This equipment is not something you can buy online or anywhere because it’s a machine used mainly by carpenters. This tool works like the router mentioned above, but this one is operated with one’s knee rather than the usual handheld one.

You can easily make joints or grooves in your studio desk or finish it smoothly with this equipment.

Metal Shears

It is another piece of equipment that’s not for sale in any hardware or home improvement store because it’s specially made for metalworking. You can use this tool to cut metals, aside from woodwork, of course.

There are many metal shears available online but make sure you get the right one for your project, especially if you’re a DIY beginner.

The Nail Gun

Consider getting this tool if you want to add more details to your studio desk.

The equipment helps nail small pieces of wood together, making it easier for one’s project to come out ideally. You must make sure you know how to use this tool properly before working on your studio desk.

The Tape Measure

Hanging some parts of your DIY studio desk together requires reasonable accuracy. That’s why you need a tape measure to help determine the size and length of your pieces before nailing or gluing them down on the place.

You can buy this equipment from any hardware store around your area; it’s one of the cheapest tools you can ever have.

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