Top Flexible Packaging Uses

Matching the perfect packaging to each product is probably more science than art, but both do apply. A lot of factors go into finding the right design for one or more of your products. The science part includes durable materials that keep the item safe and secure for an appropriate shelf life. High-quality films and photographic technology enhance the look of the package through innovative chemistry and engineering. Science also plays a role in keeping the packaging cost-effective and eco-friendly. The art applies to the words, colors and look of the package. Custom printed stand up pouches stand out on the shelf for the following reasons:

  • They offer finish options such as matte, gloss and metallized
  • They are made in a variety of sizes that help with product portion and shelf versatility
  • They are capable of highlighting with spot embellishments
  • They offer clouded or clear windows to show product

A variety of closures that seal in freshness, tear notches and tear-resistant and puncture-proof materials provide solid convenience for customers. Stand-up pouches work well with solids, liquids, gels and powders.

A Variety of Uses

Flexible packaging provides a solid and affordable option for many products. With the ability to keep perishables tightly sealed, flexible plastic packaging is a good choice for snack foods, jerky, cheese and dairy, roasted coffee and bakery items. This type of packaging is also well adapted for health and beauty products, lawn and garden items, supplements and pet food. In the arena of frozen food packaging, flexibles of course enhance shelf life and lock in freshness, maintaining food quality, but they also get your product noticed in the store or on a website. This is critical since no matter how fresh the food is it does not matter if nobody buys it.

Store appeal is accomplished with a digital printing process that allows for bold designs and then follows through by moving the art files onto the product. A high-degree of customization enables you to get the look of the packaging you approve of. This includes variable text, graphics that pop with vibrant color and convenience features such as barcodes and QR codes. You also have the opportunity to select a number of packaging profiles, including stand-up pouches, lay-flat pouches, childproof pouches and roll stock.

A Versatile Business Model

Whether your company is just starting out, or an established brand, it is nice to add some flexibility to your packaging orders. This allows new companies to get products in the store with a small expenditure. Low minimum runs and no plate or set up fee for orders means you can keep a low inventory, saving you money and upfront costs. It also means you waste less product. For an established brand, you get impressive speed to market and also have the option of trying out promotional items or new products or marketing trial balloons. Custom printed stand up pouches, in addition to reducing waste of product and materials, feature eco-friendly films and processes. A variety of sustainable packaging choices both look good on the shelf and reduce environmental impact.

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