Top Questions to Ask When Hiring a UI Developer

Are you looking at hiring a UI developer?

When it comes to hiring new eyes on your product, UI developers are the most important. After all, without a beautiful design, no one will want to use your software! So where do you begin? Always start with good questions and knowledge of what a UI developer can bring to the table.

Here are 10 top questions that you should ask before making a job offer:

1) Do You Have Experience in Creating Responsive Web Applications?

Responsive web design is becoming increasingly popular for its “mobile-first” approach. A UI developer who has done this before will know how to make their pages look great across many devices.

2) What Native Mobile Platforms Have You Worked With Before?

If UI developers have only ever created round Android apps, this might not be the best person to hire for a job that requires you to launch on both iOS and Android. You must always hire the best person for the job.

It’s important to know if they are used to using front end development software.

3) Do You Have Any Experience Creating Web Applications With Angularjs or Node.JS?

These frameworks can help speed up the development of a beautiful new website. So a UI developer who has some experience with them would know how to approach your project from the very beginning.

4) What Is Your Process for Working With Feedback?

A good UI developer won’t just create something without being able to explain what they were thinking at every step along the way. They should also be willing to incorporate ideas that you come up with into their work as it’s in progress.

5) Can I See Examples of Websites/Apps That You’ve Worked On?

Good UI developers will always have examples of their work to show you. Look for consistent, beautiful designs without missing features or obvious bugs.

6) Are You Able to Contribute to Development Beyond Your Role as a UI Developer?

A good UI developer will bring more than just design skills to the table. They should be eager and willing to participate in product decisions, UX testing, and anything else necessary to build the best possible website/app.

7) Can I See Some of Your Wireframes/Mockups for This Project? 

A good UI developer won’t just tell you what they’ll create; they’ll be able to show it instead! With wireframes, mockups, etc., you’ll be able to get a firsthand look at their design process and how it’ll feel in action.

8) How Much Experience Do You Have With Responsive Web Design?

As previously mentioned, knowing that they’ve done this type of work before will help ease your mind about what kind of website/app will be created. This confidence will allow you to delegate better when it comes to your website/app being created.

9) What’s Your Approach to Privacy and Security for Our Users?

A good UI developer always has user privacy and data protection top-of-mind when designing a product or service. With so much personal information available online, finding out how the person behind your new design feels about taking care of your users is important!

Want More Help Employing a UI Developer?

This post has been a great resource to help you find the best UI developer for your project. Remember that there is no one size fits all solution and it takes time to figure out what’s going to work best for you. For more help, please check out our UI developer guide on our blog!


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