Top Tricks to Being a Better co-living neighbor

You can rent a villa, you can rent a house or you can live in a hotel. All of these are very well-known and conventional ways of being accommodated. A not-so-common way to rent a place is by co-living. Co-living is a new concept where a number of people pay rent for a single property unit. For example, if there is an apartment that has 2 rooms then you can rent one room and the other room will be rented out to someone else. The rest of the house will be counted as a common area and your bedroom will be your private area. The two of you will be splitting the cost of the entire house which makes things affordable.

This is the reason why a lot of youngsters and students are opting for this type of accommodation because the rates of renting property are high in a lot of developed cities and youngsters can not keep up with it. Such sharing basis accommodations are thus slowly picking up in popularity.

But living in a co-living space is not easy. You are basically living with one or multiple strangers under the same roof. You have to share the kitchen, the living room, the balcony, and basically every part of the house except for your bedroom. Thus you have to earn a few things if you want to be a good and liked co-living neighbor.

Stay Positive and open-minded

You have to be prepared to live with strangers, be tolerable and keep your anger under control. If you ever want to live peacefully in co-living singapore then you will have to keep a positive attitude and an open mind. Without working on your anger you will never be able to resolve issues peacefully, and yes, issues always do arise from time to time.

You will be witnessing some things that you might not have seen before and some things that don’t seem right to you but that does not mean that those things are wrong. You will have to learn to accept the characteristics and habits of others. 

Patience is another thing that will be your best friend. Just like you, the person in front of you might also be very new to this whole concept and might be trying hard to adjust to it. You will have to show some patience and give the other person support to help get into the groove of things.

Don’t be unfriendly

No one asks you to be friends with a person if you don’t want to be but when you live under the same roof it’s best to at least not be unfriendly with someone. 

Being friends with someone new is hard but one should try to see the good in people especially if you are going to spend so much time bumping into each other in the same apartment. Even if you can’t be friends you can always be neutral about things. You don’t have to fake friendship, which is worse, but you can at least not be rude or ignorant.

Always clean up

Before going into co-living, most of us have the habit of leaving clothes, shoes, and other items here and there. We would leave the coffee cup in the drawing-room, our wet towel in the bathroom, our leftover food on the kitchen slab, and so on. But once you get into a co-living space you will have to change all of these habits and will have to start concentrating on not making a mess. 

Make sure you pick up your slippers from the living room, don’t leave the empty packet of chips on the dining table, keep the remote back where it’s supposed to be because after all, you are sharing the house with someone else too now. So if you want to be known as a good neighbor you will have to keep some level of cleanliness.

Try to follow the house rules

Every house has some house rules that all of its members must follow. Since every co-living house has different features and different kinds of people, every place has a different set of rules. For example, there could be a rule that says no loud music should be played in the house post 3 a.m.

You must respect this rule and follow it at all times to avoid creating any fights and ill will.

Do not talk loudly over the phone

You may be a very husky person whose phone rings day and night. This, though, is no excuse to make others listen to your half of the conversation. A lot of people keep pacing around the house and talk loudly without realizing it. Obviously, this can be forgiven a few times but then it becomes very irritating for others to have to tell you to quiet down every time. 

It’s best to make it a habit to simply not talk loudly over the phone no matter where you are. Also, try to keep your phone silent whenever you are in a common area. 

Don’t hesitate to do someone else’s duty

If you see that there are dirty dishes left in the basin but it’s not your day to clean then find out why the dishes have not been done. Sometimes it so happens that the person who had to do the dishes or had to water the plants is not home or not well. Don’t hesitate to take the duty up for yourself and simply let the person know that you filled in for them today. This is a very selfless act and you will come off as a friendly and helpful neighbor. You will also notice that you will find help when you need it from your neighbors too.

There are many more little things that you need to worry about when you’re moving into a co-living space but these aforementioned ones are probably high on the list. Try to follow these suggestions and tips so that you can be a good and friendly co-living neighbor. 

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