Travel and Experience Vietnamese Food

Whether it’s for their welcoming people, amazing gastronomy, or wonderful places that simply take your breath away, there’s one spot where you can have it all. So, if you have in mind traveling abroad for your next vacation, why not visit Vietnam?

Many voyagers look forward to getting there and exploring this country that has so much to offer. Vietnamese culture impacts everyone who visits from the beginning when they see people’s way of living, martial arts practices at dawn, a healthy diet, and lifestyle.

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When your documentation is up to date, we advise you to take note of the places you must visit in Vietnam, the fantastic beaches and the bewildering temples, but most of all, the mouth-watering food you can eat. For example, when you visit Ho Chi Minh City, the largest Vietnamese city formerly known as Saigon, you will be able to find marvelous cultural and historical attractions, as well as an urban conglomerate that has malls, restaurants, and tons of street food, all at an exceptionally budget-friendly rate.

In Saigon, there’s food to be found on every street corner and a must-try is Bo La Lot,  some Vietnamese grilled and smoked marinated beef wrapped in wild betel leaves and then grilled over hot charcoal. They will then serve it with sauces, different leafy vegetables, and herbs, all wrapped in the rice paper they give you. This simple, yet perfect harmony of aromas and flavors, is just one of the delicious wonders you can find in Vietnam.

Picture streets filled with grills and an enormous variety of seafood being cooked in front of you, adding all the flavors and scents of South East Asian cuisine. Garlic, lemongrass, butter, scallops, snails, crabs, oysters, clams, you name it; street food vendors have managed to master simple ingredient dishes, affordable and delicious.

Take Xio Chien, for example. It is a compact portion of white rice that is deep-fried until crispy, then cut in half and filled with different sauces, minced pork, and quail eggs, and this won’t cost you 50 cents of a dollar.

Another thing you can get for less than that is a southern Vietnamese dish, Nem Bo Nuong Sa, an exquisitely marinated minced beef covering a stick of lemongrass and grilled in the oven. Try a Bánh Mi, a rice, and wheat flour baguette sandwich with all sorts of fillings, like pork, tofu, paté or chicken, accompanied by pickled onions, carrots, fresh herbs, and sauces. Finally, don’t forget to try the very common and affordable Bo Bia, a delicate and raw spring roll stuffed with dried shrimp, lettuce leaves, fish sauce, Chinese sausages, and other ingredients that are sweetly combined with the freshness that the rice paper gives it.

Remember that you will find plans for all budgets in Vietnam, which is famous for its street food prices, quality, and variety. Of course, make sure to visit all the mandatory tourist places. However, you mustn’t forget that a big part of knowing a country and understanding their culture is through their food.

Visit Vietnam and be stunned by its natural magnificence, historical value, colors, and flavors.

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