Types of Sports and Games for Blind People 

In the past, visually challenged people had very few ways of enjoying sports and games. It was mainly that it was difficult for them to enjoy any sport or play without someone who could guide them around the terrain. Also, many kinds of sports and games require a certain level of vision to participate and enjoy. For example, some sports need you to see kicking or throw an object to score points.

Over the years, technology has enabled many to play and enjoy games for blind people. Here are a few of them explained.

1. Braille and Tabletop Games

One of the first types of games and sports for blind people was tabletop games. It is a group activity where people sit around a table and play many different board games such as monopoly, scrabble, etc. However, instead of using normal vision to play these games, blind players use Braille to keep track of their progress.

2. Computer Games for the Blind

According to reports, mobile games revenue in the US reached a record $10.73 billion in 2020.

Computer games are another great way to enjoy games and sports that blind people can play independently. Many computer games range from simple text-based games to full audio-based 3D environments with sound effects, voices, etc.

3. Visually Impaired Cricket

It is an example of a sport for blind people. Visually impaired cricket was created so that blind people could still enjoy the great game of cricket, which was one of the first games for blind people to be played in the UK back in the 16th century during Tudor times.

Visually impaired cricket is played similarly to regular cricket, except that there are specific rules put in place so that the cricketers can cope with playing without seeing where they are hitting the ball.

4. Goalball

Goalball is an excellent example of a cooperative sport for blind people. In goalball, two teams of three blind or partially blind players aim to throw a heavy ball filled with bells into the opposing team’s net.

The defending team must try to stop this from happening by using their bodies. They can do this in several ways, such as sitting down on the ground to stop the goalball from getting past them or by physically blocking the ball from getting past.

5. 9-a-Side Football

It is another excellent example of a cooperative sport for blind people as it is specifically designed as an inclusive game. 9-a-side football allows both blind and partially sighted players to take part in the exact match under the same rules, with the only difference being that the ball contains beeping sounds so that the blind players can track where it is.

6. Goal Netball

It is an example of a netball team consisting entirely of blind players. In this sport, the players have to either shoot the ball through a high hoop with a tall pole or throw it through one to score points for their team.

Like a goalball, the ball contains beeping sounds so that the blind players know where the ball is. The sport has been wildly successful and is now played around the world.

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