Understanding Deodorants: Which Type of Deodorant Is Best for You?

Deodorants are a great way to keep you smelling nice and fresh all day long. However, you may feel overwhelmed when you walk down the drugstore aisle with the numerous types of deodorant available.

The kind of deodorant you choose greatly depends on your personal preference, lifestyle, and other factors. Although you may wonder how much one type of deodorant can differ from another, it makes a lot of difference in your personal care and hygiene routine. That’s why it’s essential to pick the right one for yourself.

If you’re on the hunt for the different types of deodorants and which one will work best for you, keep reading this article!  

1. Spray Deodorant

Spray deodorant may be best for you if you’re looking for a convenient formula that feels dry to the touch and doesn’t transfer to your clothes, especially after you smash a grueling workout.

This kind of deodorant is also super easy to use. You just have to shake the bottle and spray the deodorant from a distance of approximately 10 inches. However, if you shave your armpits, it may cause irritation since it is alcohol-based.  

2. Roll-On Deodorant

A roll-on deodorant consists of a water-based formula that glides on your pits smoothly. The best thing about roll-ons is that they last longer than spray deodorants.

They are also easy to carry. However, if you don’t want to keep deodorants with you, a one-time application will last the entire day.  

3. Antiperspirant Deodorant

Deodorants help you smell better by killing the odor-causing bacteria, which are responsible for the unpleasant body odor. Every deodorant can’t be an antiperspirant. If your deodorant mentions that it is antiperspirant, it means that it will ward off sweating.

Therefore, an individual with excessive sweating may want to opt for an antiperspirant deodorant to prevent sweating while maintaining a shower-inspired scent. If sweating is not an issue, you may be good with a basic deodorant.

4. Stick Deodorant

A stick deodorant features deodorant in the form of a hard stick which glides on your armpits smoothly. You usually don’t have to wait for it to dry off. However, it may leave slight white stains on your clothing.

For dry armpits, you may need to keep the stick on your skin for a few seconds to allow it to melt for a smooth application.

5. Gel Deodorant

Gel deodorants allow you to release deodorant in the form of a gel, usually by twisting the dial. After application, you will have to wait for it to dry and then get dressed. It may feel cool and gentle on the skin but a bit drying and sticky too.

What’s best about gel deodorants is that they don’t leave any kinds of white stains on your clothes, so you won’t have to fret about getting your favorite dress stained.

6. Cream Deodorant

If you’re looking for a deodorant that soothes your underarms and makes them softer, cream deodorant may be the best since it often contains hydrating ingredients.

You may need an applicator to apply it to your skin. The formula can become slightly stiff in the winter, so you may have to keep it in contact with your skin for a few seconds to melt it before applying. In addition, this type of deodorant may be great for a moderate workout or daily use.  

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