Using the Tarot for Meditation

Tarot cards are commonly used for divination, interpreting the tarot’s spread meaning in relation to your particular concern or question. But another powerful usage of a tarot deck that is not known to many is using it for meditation.

Meditating with the tarot cards can actually expand your comprehension of each card to a very intimate and reflective level. As you understand the cards better and bypass the conscious mind through meditation, your access to your intuition will be more comfortable and more meaningful.

When you meditate and relax your mind and let go of the complex mental chatter, you give yourself a way to reach your subconscious mind and dive into an increased level of insight and knowledge. When you come to this space, you allow your intuition to guide you in understanding the cards better.

How to meditate with tarot cards

Choose a tarot card

When contemplating using a tarot deck, you can choose a tarot card randomly, just like how you do it when you try a free tarot card reading, but you can also choose a specific card that you want to connect more profoundly with.

It is also possible to select a card based on a particular topic you would like to meditate on. For instance, if you are in the process of developing your spiritual side, choose the Hermit. Or the Lovers if you want to ponder on the love of your life.

Create a peaceful environment

The time and place that you will choose when meditating with tarot cards should be somewhere that you won’t be disturbed. Ensure that you don’t have any distractions and that you are comfortable.

Playing some meditation music is recommended for beginners, but you can also do it in silence. To set the mood, you can also dim the lights and infuse some essential oils.

Make sure that you are sitting upright rather than lying down and have the tarot cards ready in front of you.

Breath in and out properly

Meditation is about focusing on your breathing. Continuously take deep breaths and bring your attention to the sensation in your nostrils. If you ever find yourself thinking about something else, just let it slowly float away and focus back again on your breathing.

Turn your focus on your tarot card

As you breathe in and out, look at the tarot card set in front of you. Focus only on your breathing and the card. Imagine the card as a larger imagery where you can actually step in. Do this while doing deep breath ins and out. Remember to always let random thoughts drift away and retain your attention to your breathing and the card.

As you step into the card, look around and see who’s with you and what are the objects in your surroundings. Take your time to examine and feel everything. Listen for any sound and take a deep breath to smell the air’s aroma.

Then, think of yourself as one of the card’s figures. Take that person or archetype’s place in the image. See what it feels like to be that person. Imagine their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as yours.

Start talking as if you are that figure. Give a message or a piece of advice.

Take another glance around you and imagine what makes you feel good and energetic and what makes you anxious or upset.

See the objects around you again and think about their usage and symbolic meaning in the current setting.

Before coming out of the card and imagining it to become smaller back to its normal size, take a look for the last time and notice if there are things that you missed the first or second time.

Wake up and take note

Bring back your attention to the room as you continue to breathe in and out twice or thrice. Feel the energy coming back to you and feel it as it refreshes your mind and body.

Take your tarot card workbook and immediately write down whatever you saw, thought, felt, and heard during your meditation.

Practice this regularly and get the most peace, harmony, and guidance you can get from a tarot card meditation.

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