Waiting for FIFA 23’s debut to a new starting point

According to EA Sports, its 30-year collaboration with FIFA will be ended after 2023. EA Sports announced the cancellation of its affiliation with FIFA in a blog post. so the news spread that the upgraded FIFA version would soon arrive.

There is a possibility that it will be the last FIFA version. What should we do? Should we burst into tears? It’s no need, EA’s Legend will remain active. They can still access everything they need elsewhere. In other words, as normal players, there is no need to worry about the game itself. As soon as FIFA 23 is released in 2022, it should retain its current name.

EA’s future will be shaped by FIFA 23. In a move to end its 30-year partnership with FIFA, EA Sports has now officially announced (opens in new tab) that it is exploring the possibility of renaming the series. In 2023, EA Sports FC will be the name of the series.

The EA Sports team has not confirmed the release date for FIFA 23. Conversely, we can speculate about when the upcoming FIFA will be available. The latest FIFA games, FIFA 21 and FIFA 22, were published in September and October, respectively. If EA follows this same path, FIFA 23 should be released around the same time.

The Xbox One X/S, PS 5, Windows, and Switch are the most likely platforms for the release of FIFA 23. It will also be accessible on PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia if the upcoming FIFA makes its premiere on the same platforms as its predecessor.

Other than this rebrand, EA doesn’t seem to expect many changes to the game that players will be playing.

Executive Cam Weber promised that everything you take fancy to the games will be part of the EA Sports FC – the same awesome experiences, leagues, modes, clubs, tournaments, and athletes, Volta Football, Pro Clubs, Career Mode challenges, Ultimate Team, will all be available.

During IGN they told us that people relish EA Play Live because of its interact mode and the way the game shares something new, the stars aren’t set for us to see everything on one date this year, though. At the right time for each of these initiatives, they will share much more about the exciting things they have going on at our top-notch studios this year. 

Therefore, we need to wait for the debut of that game making a hint of the next starting point.

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