Want to Change the World? Check Out These 5 Earth Movers

Have you ever wondered how massive projects were completed with regular equipment? Most likely, these big construction tasks involved earth movers.

Critical industries need more than a few good workers and shovels. With over $1.3 trillion dollars generated from construction business, heavy machinery is vital to our lives.

Check out these five pieces of equipment to learn more.

  1. Bulldozers

Everyone from kids to adults loves the possibilities of bulldozers. Practically, a bulldozers’ design lets them push dirt and clear brush.

The strength and front blade also make it a great option for pulling, pushing, and destroying debris and rocks in the way.

Many construction sites choose to rent instead of purchase a bulldozer. A construction crew will save money and won’t have to find storage for it.

  1. Excavators Are Kings of the Earth Movers

Big jobs that require digging holes, ditches, or leveling a field need an excavator. The big arm, 360-degree turning radius, and versatility are why important projects usually have this monster machine.

Excavators can be customized and fitted for your needs, especially if there are multiple ones. Between wheels or tracks on an excavator, make your pick depending on the surface.

Other purposes for an excavator include lifting, demolition, mining, and more.

  1. Big-Wheel Dump Trunks

As a kid, there’s a good chance you played with toy dump trunks. But when’s the last time you saw one in person?

Dump trucks are usually working in concert with other heavy machinery. Soil, rocks, foliage, and other debris can be hauled and dumped.

The vehicle itself is large and durable along with the giant wheels. Projects need to use dump trucks that is appropriate for the job. Don’t get an extra-large truck if you only need to make two hauling trips.

  1. Backhoe (Rear Actor)

Backhoes, or rear actors, are like a Swiss Army knife. They have a shovel in the front and an arm and bucket in the back.

These machines aren’t as large as the others, but its size is an advantage. Backhoes can navigate in suburban and urban areas just as well as rural communities.

Unlike excavators and bulldozers, a backhoe can be driven to a project site since it uses all-terrain wheels. Different widths and sizes or attachments can be added to the arm and front.

  1. Grab Lorry

Some construction projects are in difficult spots with no clear accessible work site. A grab lorry is especially useful for picking up construction waste or debris from a truck accident.

Grab lorry machines are extremely useful in areas that have cliffs, ditches, or dangerous conditions.

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Earth Movers Make the World Go ‘Round

A lot of products, services, and roadways wouldn’t be possible without the help of earth movers. These heavy machines don’t seem like a vital part of our lives, but all the work, land, supplies, and tools they move shape our world.

Knowing more about earth movers helps you understand what it takes to build a restaurant, level ground, and any other lifting or pushing that requires big tools.

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