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“Experience is a school where lessons are expensive, but it’s the only school where you can learn.” 

Benjamin Franklin

Giving advice –  is a thankless task, asking for advice –  is a delicate matter. But there is a site where both asking and answering is appropriate and even profitable – it’s Waylight. The main advantage of this Internet resource is that the process of “question and answer” happens in real-time, online and if the parties wish – through chat. It is not just a guarantee of a competent answer to a question in any field of knowledge, but a professional online consultation, which can be optionally continued in the future.

In order to ask a question about a problem you are interested in, it is important to formulate it correctly, and this is not an easy task at all. Waylight online consultations will help you both with formulating your question and with finding a mentor ready to answer it, whose competence has been documented by the site moderators. You only have to register as a “seeker”, you can ask questions anonymously, for a fee, and for free if your question is typical and already answered in the database.

The Internet is an effective tool for trade and business development, influencing the audience without territorial and national borders. The necessary level of information culture and knowledge in this field is necessary for all companies who want to survive in a highly competitive environment. New technologies – new opportunities, new markets, new profits. All this opens up great prospects for the business.

What is Waylight?

It is a web service through which knowledgeable people give advice and counsel to those who need it. The site is very easy to use. There is a directory of experts by specialization, a clear rating system, feedback, online chat, and the opportunity to ask any question for free.

One of the most significant differences between online interaction with experts and traditional interaction is the practice-oriented approach to training. Clients not only hone theory on real practical tasks but also learn from expert practitioners who share their professionalism and experience.

However, for the effectiveness of an online course, it is of strong importance how interesting and engaging an expert can lead a webinar and how willing he or she is to collaborate with the online platform itself. So assessing whether an instructor candidate meets these qualities is not an easy task.

With the global pandemic, we cannot put you and our employees in danger, it’s better to be safe in such challenging times. The essence of the project is that visitors to the portal are given the opportunity to ask questions on various topics. These questions are answered by “experts” – professionals in their field. The experts can be representatives of any field of knowledge

The site is constantly evolving, attracting new users, and with the increasing number of users increases the number of your potential customers. Any site visitor has a possibility to ask a question to the experts and by that to get a priceless experience in one or another field of knowledge.

World knowledge and experience centers are gaining momentum all over the world. Why do we stick to an online format?

Working with Waylight experts can be easily combined with leisure, study, and various hobbies, and activities. After a tiring day at work, there is no need to go somewhere, sit in the classroom and then think “now I have to go home, I’m hungry” etc. In this format, you don’t spend extra hours.

Do you know those online services where on a certain date you just get links to pre-recorded lessons or just ready-made presentations, etc.? And you have to watch, understand, and learn it yourself, and what’s worse, you don’t have the opportunity to ask questions of an expert as you study, because there’s a specific time for answering questions? Well, it’s not all about the waylight.

What issues does Waylight solve?


Get advice from an experienced businessman, and find a mentor. Develop a business model, and help make a business plan. Get inspiration, and discuss ideas. Develop a pitch, a presentation. To adopt the experience of leading companies and teams. Networking – to network with effective and successful professionals.


Find a mentor, mentor in programming, and system administration (Unix, Windows). Find an expert online in blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, Java, PHP, Python, SQL, C#, and .NET Smart contracts. Setup engines and services: WordPress, Zendesk, OneCart, Bitrix, 1C, Google, Zoho, Microsoft, and many others. Databases: Postgres, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle.


Learn marketing, understand SMM, SEO, and digital marketing, and find a marketing mentor. Set up Google AdWords, and Yandex. Develop an affiliate program. Learn to work in CPA networks. Attract traffic and customers. Develop your branding. Create a promotion strategy.


Find a leadership and management mentor. Find a career counselor. Build processes within the company. Increase team motivation and productivity. Find mentors for managers, team leaders, and project managers. Implement project management and build a project office. Increase the efficiency of the company and processes.


Optimize taxes, and build an optimal financial structure. Register a legal entity in any country in the world. Get advice on corporate law, and complex court cases. Develop legal documents for the company and document flow.


Find a mentor in UX, web, and mobile design. Get advice, and critique on current developments, and design. Find a teacher, and mentor in game design and production. Master the tools of a designer.

Waylight Advantages

  • Fast

    Find the right expert and get accurate advice and help in minutes – better and faster than searching on your own or spending money on online courses

  • Convenient

    Needed help from the best experts at any time, just in time, anywhere, from any device.

  • Profitable

    Paying 15-30 minutes of consultation to an experienced expert is much more profitable, than wasting days, hours, searching, procrastination, and tossing.

  • Reliably

    We guarantee your money security – if something goes wrong Waylight will provide 100% arbitration and return your money to you if you are not happy with the quality

How waylight work?

Step 1

Use the smart search by subcategory and time to find the right expert

Step 2

Explore your options and choose a time that’s convenient for you, and if the expert is online, get a consultation right away

Step 3

Sign up for an online consultation by sending a request to the expert

Step 4

Wait for the confirmation and go online to get your question answered

A Waylight expert can give an interview, make a short comment, take part in a discussion and provide the client with a specially prepared author’s analytical material on a necessary topic or information about some facts and observations.

Modern means of communication allow you to contact an expert at any geographic location and at any time.

Working with Waylight is about individual approach, involvement, communication, about support. For example, teaching design online with us is interesting and interactive, the expert teaches you the lesson LIVE and you immediately ask all the questions, inquire about the additional materials, and so on.

Working with our service, you are not tied to one place. There is no need to be physically present two or three times a week in the classroom. You choose whether to listen to a lecture at home in the kitchen or in your own bed, on vacation, traveling, in the country house, visiting, etc.

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