What are Flurgarderobe Hall Stands?

Hall stands have been around since the early 19th century. In today’s society though, they are making a huge comeback because they are very stylish, and add a bit of class and flare. So what are hall stands? Well, we’ll explain them a little bit in detail in this guide, as many of them also add multiple functionalities in one small unit.

Here’s a little-known fact: They were also known as a flugarderobe in German.

What are Hall Stands For?

Hall stands were made more often a way to incorporate both women’s home design, along with men’s functionality back in the earlier part of the 1800s, while still maintaining some Victorian beauty and delicacy in them. Many hall stands have hooks for a man and woman’s hat, a mirror similar to that of a vanity, and even umbrella stands. However, they also often include a table or bench because the front hall was often a place where people transitioned from the front room to other areas of the home (like dining rooms).

In today’s society, hall stands are not only usually served as coat racks and hat stands, but they also offer more features for the modern day. For example, having one towards the front of the house is a great way to load the kids backpacks as they get ready every morning for their studies, and then can just grab them on the go as they head out the door.

Uses of Hall Stands

Of course,we mentioned some of the primary functions of hall stands earlier, both for old and new uses. But now there are more creative ways to incorporate hall stands into your home. Hall stands have also been used as a status symbol because they often posed an emphasis on Victorian house style, which was very common in Europe, and among those of the higher class. While materials have become more affordable these days, it’s possible to have that same “status symbol” in your home for a lower price than what you would pay in the old days. If you’re looking for antique furniture, then you’re going to pay a hefty price, as these were often very classy.

Today, there are many uses for a hall stand. As a matter of fact, there are a handful of users who simply use them as a catch-all, and can still maintain some bit of decorative flare. Other people have incorporated them as custom furniture shelving in their home as well. Gone are the days of just old-fashioned hall-stands as well, as modern styles bring in more functionality to the table (the metaphorical one – not just the one on the hall stand itself).


If you’re wanting the best hall stands possible, you can have custom furniture made by custom shelving and furniture makers like Deinschrank, and you can even plan their creation from start to finish using custom styling wizards online. If you’re wanting more modern flares, you can choose from original designs, or even contact most custom furniture makers to get something that you want to design yourself.

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