What Are the Best Plants to Grow Indoors?

Is your house feeling dull lately? Does it lack some color? You can fix that by growing some indoor plants!

There’s no better way to liven up your space than with an indoor garden. You’ll gain a green thumb, as well as a ton of other benefits. Plus, with so many types of plants to choose from, you’re sure to find some favorites for your home!

So, what are the best plants to grow indoors? Keep on reading to find out!

Spider Plant

One of the most beginner-friendly plants to grow is the spider plant. They’re pet-friendly, too.

Spider plants are low maintenance because they only need water about once a week! Place yours in a spot to soak up some indirect light, and it should thrive. These plants are hardy too, so you don’t need to know how to grow plants indoors to have one.

Aloe Vera

Succulent plants are still all the rage! Join this plant trend by adding aloe vera to your home. Because aloe helps treat burns and minor cuts, it’s beneficial to have one around, too. 

Aloe vera plants don’t require much water, but they need a lot of direct sunlight. They’re also easy to propagate, so you can give some away as gifts once yours is thriving!

Parlor Palm

Do you want your indoor plants to give off a tropical vibe? You’ll love parlor palms for that! Keep in mind, though, that they prefer warmer climates. 

Parlor palms need indirect light. And, you’ll only need to water it once every one or two weeks, depending on how humid your space is. This type of palm isn’t toxic to pets, either.

Devil’s Ivy

If you’re interested in hanging plants, consider devil’s ivy. Also called pothos, the long vines on this plant will create a jungle-like look in your home. This indoor plant is hardy, requiring water every two weeks and indirect light.

Devil’s ivy is very easy to propagate, so you can give some of yours away when the vines get out of control. It fits well in floral arrangements also, like those from Floraly. Keep in mind, though, that it’s not pet-friendly.

Chinese Evergreen

Every indoor garden needs a bold or unique-looking addition! A Chinese evergreen is an option that’s easy to care for. Even if you’re unsure about how to grow plants indoors, this one can adapt to most environments.

To have a thriving Chinese evergreen, put it somewhere with indirect light. It only needs to be watered about once a week, too! These plants are a little sensitive to colder temperatures, but otherwise, they’re a hardy choice. 

Look for the Best Plants to Grow Indoors

If you need to revitalize your personal space, try adding some of the best plants to grow indoors. You’ll notice that your home instantly starts to look and feel so much better! 

And, who knows? Indoor gardening might even become your new favorite hobby.

For more planting tips, browse our website. You’ll find some resources and guides to help start your indoor garden!

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