What Are The Top 5 Must-Try Virtual Team Building Games

Everything that is happening has affected all of us. People have lost their jobs and those who are lucky enough to still keep them, are mostly working from home. With the pandemic going on, it has become difficult for colleagues and other teammates to come together and function normally. For that reason, companies are inventing ways to ensure that they are still running smoothly, and everyone is happy

Team building game is one way to keep teams working together even in the current situation. Today, we will give you the top virtual team building games you haven’t tried yet.

1. Workout Challenges

Yes, this is number one on the list. It is a great but overlooked activity that brings people together. In your next meeting, choose a one-week workout program that only goes for ten minutes every day. Choose a time everyone is comfortable with and will be available for the challenge. Start the challenge and see who gets the most impressive result at the end of the week.

2. Create a Storyline

 This is a fun way to break the ice. In your next zoom meeting with your team, spare some 10 to 15 minutes to have some fun with this game. Start a story with two sentences and leave the third sentence incomplete for the next team member to finish. Everyone should complete the previous person’s sentence and create their own incomplete sentence for the next person to complete. Go on until the last person in the team completes the story. Apart from being fun, you will be surprised by how creative you guys are.

3. Play ‘Never Have I Ever’

 The famous never have I ever game. You’ve probably already played this with your friends and guess what? It is time to play it virtually with your team members. Well, don’t worry as there will be no alcohol and other dirty stuff here. Let everyone make a list of topics they are interested in and submit to the team leader. The leader should then pick a topic from everyone and distribute it. And boom! Time to have some fun.

4. Play ‘One Truth, One Lie’

 This is a great way to get to know your team members even more. By taking turns, each team member is given a chance to say two things about themselves. One truth and one lie. Then the rest will guess which one was the truth and which one was the lie.

5. Play ‘Facts Check’

This is another brilliant way to know your team members better. Everyone writes 3-5 facts about themselves and submit to the team leader who would read each set of facts and let the team members figure out whose those facts belong to.


There are a ton of online apps and websites to play all these games virtually. Apps like zoom, Google meet, and google hangouts are just but examples. Remember, you are not in this alone. All your teammates are with you.

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