What Can You Do with a Face Recognition API?


Just like fingerprints, our faces are unique. That means you can’t find another individual with the same facial features as yours. As a result, computer scientists have discovered how to use these unique human features to identify and distinguish one individual from another.

Currently, different industries use facial recognition systems to identify, recognize and protect people when it comes to security matters. Face recognition application programming interface service providers such as SkyBiometry.com help developers to create systems that help with this purpose.

So what is a facial recognition system, and how does it work? What is a facial recognition API and how does it work? Let’s dig in to unearth more!

How Facial Recognition Software Works?

Facial recognition software is a digital tool that captures and analyses an individual’s facial features and confirms identity after checking against a pre-existing database of images. Facial recognition software combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to scan each face, capture key features and compare them against existing images in its database.

The first step is to identify a face in a photo, which a connected device captures or uploads into the software. Once a face is detected, the software analyses its geometry in the photos, using unique features such as the space between different features and their sizes.

The analysis process leads to the capturing of numerous metrics, which convert the photo into a set of numbers popularly known as a code. After the conversion process, the system transmits this code to a database of photos so that it can try to find a perfect match.

The computer will then identify the person in the image if it discovers a perfect match. Once identified, a person can gain access to the facility, device or system. If it’s for security purposes, the person can be identified, and the authority takes the next action.

Facial Recognition Industry Applications

Facial recognition has been often associated with the law enforcement and security industry. But due to the increasing need for identification, different industries have integrated facial recognition into their everyday activities and processes.

Industries such as healthcare, retail, education, banking, and finance use facial recognition for access control, user verification, and worker time tracking. Additional applications include attendance monitoring, personalized shopping, store security and fraud prevention, and checkout-free software solutions.

Developers can tailor their facial recognition software to meet different customers’ and industries’ needs and requirements.

How an API Works

API means application programming interface. It’s a software intermediary that enables different applications to communicate with each other. An API is an accessible technique to extract and share data across and within organizations.

SkyBiometry is a provider of face recognition and detection cloud biometrics API. Integrating SkyBiometry face recognition and detection is simple and allows developers and marketers to do more, from enhancing their custom projects to executing their personal demands.

The best part is that SkyBiometry offers an online face recognition demo that you can try out.

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