What Does Sexism at Work Look Like?

According to PayScale, women earn $0.79 for every dollar men earn. Even if a woman outperforms her male colleagues, she still makes less. If sexism at work continues, we will lose diversity and innovation.

The MeToo Movement serves as an urgent wake-up call. It sent a message to males that women would no longer tolerate professional misogyny. However, it did not vanish immediately; continue reading to spot sexism in the office.

Men Are Assigned to More Valuable Positions

Women hold around 10% of senior management roles in S&P 500 businesses, but why? Males work more closely with other men due to a lack of female participation in executive roles. As a consequence, women are assigned to less desirable positions.

When workers are assigned to lower positions, it’s difficult to obtain advancements. If your manager declines your application for a more valuable position, ask him why. If you meet the qualification, consult with Lamberton Law sexual harassment lawyers.

Women’s Opinions get Devalued

Business sexism often occurs during a meeting when men ignore or devalue women’s views. Another example of sex discrimination happens when males prefer other men’s opinions.

In either case, a woman’s presence decreases. If this continues for years, it can create a hostile work environment. This situation can damage the company’s reputation and reduce its diversity.

Women Are Paid Less

After identifying males who earn more than you and have comparable work duties, you may want to see an employment lawyer. You have a solid case according to the Equal Pay Act (“EPA”). The EPA compels businesses to compensate men and women equally for comparable labor.

You can take your case straight to court. This implies that there is no administrative hurdle preventing you from proceeding.

Performance Evaluations

When it comes to reviewing time, minorities and women often get the short end of the stick. Unconscious bias exists in performance evaluations. This situation occurs when subconscious ideas influence our conscious behaviors.

If there’s an unfair performance assessment, arrange a meeting with your reviewer. You should write an email summarizing the issue. The whole goal is to establish a paper trail if you need to escalate it to the law.

Victim of Sexual Harassment

Quid pro quo occurs when a supervisor offers you a promotion in return for sexual favors. It also pertains to the scenario when your employer threatens to fire you if you don’t perform a certain favor.

If each of these situations has occurred, you should see an employment lawyer. These are straightforward instances of sexual harassment.

Role Stereotyping 

Making gender-based judgments about fitness level for a job is considered sexism in business. For instance, removing a woman from a role because the heavy lifting is too strenuous for her gender. Another problem is telling the only female participant to make the sandwich.

Learning More About Sexism at Work

Sexism in the business world continues to be a significant issue. These instances of workplace misogyny are only the tip of the iceberg. The MeToo movement brought attention to these issues, but there’s still a long way to go.

Sometimes sexism at work goes unnoticed or ignored. If you don’t want to miss any red flags, check out our blog posts to learn more.

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