What Exactly Does Rehab Means – All You Need To Know

If you are struggling with drug or substance addiction or know someone here in Washington DC, you need to check out Washington dc rehabs.

You might find going to rehab scary but it really isn’t, rehab helps you with a lot of things, it helps you recover from your addictions and any physical and mental sickness. People who are addicted to any form of medication, drugs, or hard drugs really need to go to a rehab center to be assisted in controlling their urge to the drugs before it gets really worse.

Rehab will help you with serious therapy to help control your drug habits and addiction, and how to prevent it and cope so as not to have a relapse.

Having to recover from an addiction can be quite difficult, it is not an easy job, it requires dedication and commitment this is why rehab centers are available to guide you through the necessary process of quitting the addiction. This process of avoiding the drugs on your own without any proper guidance from experts can become even more difficult when you are a couple and both of you are in the trap of addiction. It is when couples rehab becomes the right go-to option for you to free yourself from addiction. You may want to check out this center that offers couples addiction treatment in California with a home-like atmosphere to avoid the feeling of being institutionalized and the best treatment programs that can lead you to the path of recovery. But the first question to address is what is rehab.

You need to understand what rehab actually is and the process you would be taken through in case you are scared of going or contemplating if you should or not. When you go to a rehab center there are different phases you would be put through to help in your recovery process, there is the detox stage, intake stage, and rehabilitation stage, and after the recovery stage, all these stages will help you in your recovery process.

The detox stage:

Before starting a rehab process your body would first need to undergo a detox treatment at a detox center. This is a process where the addictive substances would be flushed out of your body, you might begin to experience some symptoms after the substance removal but you would be given medications to help you with that. The patient would be given detox medication based on the type of substance that was abused and would also be given withdrawal symptoms medication so as to treat the aftermath disorder and reduce the drug addiction cravings. You would be guided through the process of withdrawal. At the end of the day, the detox stage is oftentimes the most crucial step in your recovery process. Sobering up helps you come to terms with the fact that you are an addict and you need help. You can get rapid detox in Arizona and stay for their inpatient program. This will ensure you are as far away from your enablers as possible while keeping you in a facility that specializes in addiction. Don’t wait, seek help now and get your life back.

The intake stage:

A medical specialist would be there to guide you through the treatment processes and the types of medications you would be needing to curve the substance addiction. During the intake stage, the patient would be given a treatment plan based on the tests that would be carried out on them, then they would be given a treatment plan based on the substance they overdosed on, medical tests, psychosocial tests, and psychological tests.

The rehabilitation stage:

Now, this is the main stage, as important as the previous two where this stage is also very important. There are different available rehab processes, there is Therapy, which is a well-known treatment for addictions, it can be done individually or in groups, there are also different types of therapy, we have psychodynamic therapy, Holistic therapy, behavioral therapy, and so on. Asides from therapy there is also inpatient and outpatient hospitalization treatment, it all depends on the patients and the result of the test being carried out.

Then lastly we have the after-recovery stage where the patient is still looked after to prevent relapse.

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