What Happens if You Are Caught Driving Without Insurance?

With average car insurance costs around $133 per month, some drivers might feel tempted to take the risk and drive without insurance to save money.

However, this is a terrible idea! Not only is it illegal, but you can face serious penalties—even jail time, in extreme cases.

Do you want to learn more about what happens if you are caught driving without insurance? If so, keep reading to find the most common penalties.

What Happens If You Are Caught Driving Without Insurance? First, You’ll Likely Get a Fine

Caught driving with no insurance? If so, the first penalty you’re likely to face is fine.

While penalties vary from state to state, if it’s your first offense, you’re likely to be fined a few hundred dollars. This is sure to sting your pocketbook, so the penalty is designed to be steep so that it’s a deterrent.

If it’s not your first offense, the fine might be higher. Remember that if you don’t pay the fines, your state might decide to suspend your license until it’s paid.

Your License Could Be Suspended

Another consequence is that your license and registration might be suspended for a set period of time—then, you’ll need to pay to reinstate them.

In some states, you might receive both a fine and license suspension.

Your Car Could Be Impounded

The police might impound your car—that is, tow it away—if they find you’re driving illegally. As a driver, driving without insurance is a huge risk, so don’t take the chance.

It also puts a huge strain on the health system—if you seriously injure another driver in an accident, and you’re not insured, who will pay for the medical bills? If the other driver sues you, you’re going to be liable for their expenses.

If you’re driving and you’re hit by another driver who’s insured, you might wonder what to do. We recommend contacting an insurance attorney, as they can help you get the settlement you deserve.

Points on Your License

Uninsured drivers can also get points on their license as a penalty. Points can lead to more expensive insurance, once you finally buy insurance, so they’re a real risk.

Plus, if you acquire too many points, your license might be revoked or suspended. In most states, points stay on a license for a set number of years.

Protect Yourself on the Road With the Right Insurance

Now that you know more about what happens if you are caught driving without insurance, don’t take the risk. With such steep penalties, the smartest choice is simply to purchase insurance before hitting the road.

It will help you stay safe, keeping you, your vehicle, and other drivers protected in case of an accident. Shop around, compare policies, and find the perfect insurance for your needs.

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