What Is a Colocation Data Center?

Do you store all of the data for your business on-site? If you answered yes, you’re becoming part of the minority that has chosen to house their servers and all of the equipment that comes with it.

Instead, more organizations are choosing to partner with colocation centers to store, maintain, and protect their precious data. But if you’ve never heard of this service before, allow us to educate you on what it is and how they can help your company.

What Is a Colocation Center?

A colocation center is a safe space to house server hardware. The provider offers its building, cooling facilities, electricity, bandwidth, and physical security to protect and service the data center. They’re often stored on racks, in a cabinet or cage, or a room of its own.

What Do Colocation Centers Do?

While it might seem like you’re renting a room for your servers, you are getting much more than that. The facilities utilize state of the art technology and employ certified technicians who are experts on data centers. They also offer protection from any outages and store numerous backups, so that that you never lose a single bit of data.

How Can a Colocation Center Help Me?

One of the main reasons more companies are turning towards colocation centers is the substantial costs they would have to outlay in order to replicate a similar setup. Besides saving some cash, some of the other ways a colocation center can help businesses include:

  • Strong infrastructure including redundancies in generators
  • State of the art cloud and physical security to ensure your equipment is protected
  • Provides higher levels of bandwidth compared to traditional office server rooms
  • Colocation centers can scale quicker and easier, as your company continues to grow in size
  • Strengthen your business continuity plans and disaster recovery if an event occurs at your office locations

A colocation center may also be able to help you reduce your carbon footprint if you choose the right provider. You can know more here about all of the other benefits these facilities offer.

How Does It Compare to a Public Cloud?

The key difference between a public cloud and a colocation center is how your data is stored and managed. Besides one being virtual and the other physical, a cloud provider manages your network elements, storage, and servers. A colocation center provides the space for you to set up your data center and allows you to manage it how you like it.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

One of the most important assets of your business is your data. Housing your servers in the right location can make all the difference in how you access this information. Now could be the time to move those servers out of your storage closet and into some colocation centers.

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