What is BNB, What Is It Used For, and Where Can I Buy Crypto?

When someone decides to become a crypto investor, one most likely first goes to the Binance exchange, for this crypto trading service is known as the largest and safest. Large crypto trading platforms often release their own coins that help expand an exchange’s application scope, attracting new users and bringing more benefits. Besides, coin holders access additional earning options offered in the exchange and products of partners cooperating with it. 

Binance native coin is BNB. As of mid-November 2022, the BNB USDT is traded at 

$268.97, which is lower than it was at the beginning of the month because of the recent sharp market collapse caused by financial problems of the FTX platform. However, looking at the Binance exchange, we can say it is the market leader with the most significant trade volume and millions of users worldwide. So we confidently say that the BNB price will recover when the overall market trend changes to bullish.

What is BNB Used for?

Here are some use cases for the BNB crypto:

  1. Many Binance workers receive salaries in BNB coins 
  2. BNB is used on some social network platforms as gift vouchers
  3. You can buy services and goods with BNB
  4. Trading, investment 
  5. A variety of online services receive payments in BNB.

Where Can I Buy BNB?

The coin is listed on all large crypto platforms. If you feel that Binance is rather complicated for you, then you can try another crypto platform, for example, WhiteBIT. It is also a reliable and credible exchange with various trading tools and over 450 pairs, including BNB to USDT, but it is somewhat easier to handle for a beginner. It has a more suitable interface for novice users compared with Binance. WhiteBIT provides high security for clients’ funds, holding 96% of investments offline.

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