What Kind of Maintenance Does a At-Home Water Filter System Need?

An at-home water filter system can provide several benefits for homeowners. Most people know that these systems provide clean water from your sinks. This way, you can safely use tap water for drinking and cooking. 

More extensive systems can also rid your house of hard water. This new “soft water” is healthier for your skin and hair when you bathe. It can also provide better cleaning for your dishes and clothes. 

All of these water filter benefits sound excellent to most homeowners. However, they have one looming question: what kind of maintenance do these systems need? 

The answer to this question varies depending on the system you use. However, in general, water filter maintenance doesn’t take much time. Keep reading to discover how much maintenance your system needs!

Know When to Replace a Water Filter

As with any other filter, you’ll eventually replace your water filter. The question is, how often will you have to do this? 

This question depends on the type of water system you use. If you have a whole home cartridge filter, you may need to replace your filter anytime between three and six months.

You can usually tell how long by looking up your brand’s regulations. Have a look at this site to learn how often to replace a Berkley filter. 

In contrast, under-sink systems may use the same filter for roughly six months. The primary factor affecting this is how much sediment your system filters out. 

It’s crucial to replace your filters at the appropriate times. Otherwise, your system could release the accumulated sediments into your water. This would cause your filter to do more harm than good.

Can You Clean a Water Filter Instead of Replacing It?

This question depends once again on the type of system you have. It’s best to replace whole-home systems instead of trying to clean them.

However, some filter models have a self-cleaning system. This system uses an internal filter that cleanses itself every two weeks.

This cleansing filter flushes the sediments out of the larger filter and drains them. Then, it cleans the interior so that your water remains as pure as ever. 

These self-cleaning filters require almost no maintenance from homeowners. But, there can be exceptions to this rule.

For example, if you went a month without using your filter, you’d likely need to replace it. The self-cleaning filter won’t clean out the dust and other accumulations that build inside the system. In these cases, you’d need to replace it. 

Some sink systems may need maintenance if the weather changes drastically. The new water temperatures could overwhelm the system before it has time to adjust.

Learn What Maintenance Your At-Home Water Filter System Needs

Maintenance requirements for an at-home water filter system vary depending on several factors. The size of your filter plays a critical role in determining this. Different brands also have varying requirements. 

So, discover what your brand’s requirements are today. This way, you can ensure your water maintenance schedule preserves your system!

We hope you enjoyed this article! Water filters provide several benefits for homeowners. Check out our other content today to learn more about these incredible systems. 

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