What Makes a Streaming Service Better

Everywhere you look these days there’s a new streaming service launching. While it might seem overwhelming this is actually great news for families that are hoping to ditch their cable companies and cut the cord.

On average cable bills run American families over $217 a month. That adds up to a lot of money over a year. With dozens of options out there switching from cable to a combination of streaming services is more attractive than ever before.

Switching to streaming no longer means having to sacrifice content because now there’s a streaming platform for almost everything you could possibly imagine. With all the different services out there though how do you know which ones are the best? What makes a streaming service better?

The simplest answer of course is that a better streaming service is one that fits your unique needs. Not quite sure what those are? Let’s dig into some considerations for what might make a streaming service right for you.

Take into Account Types of Content

The absolute most important thing to consider when looking at different streaming platforms is what kinds of content do they carry and does that content aligns with your family’s viewing habits.

Some might say that a wide variety of genres and styles make a streaming service better, but others might be looking for a platform that caters to a specific genre or style. You may even wish to pair a boutique service that offers content specific to your interests with a broader service that licenses and aggregates broader swaths of content.

Take a look at some of the common content genres below and think about which ones are important to you.

  • Documentaries – non-fiction features, in-depth reporting, and true crime series.
  • Reality TV – game shows, competitions, and examinations of true life.
  • Lifestyle – talk shows, home, cooking, and travel.
  • Entertainment – fan-favorite movies, tv shows, dramas, and more.
  • Kids & Family- age-appropriate and family-centered programming.
  • Foreign and Language-Specific – content from other countries or in specific languages.

Think About Live News & Events

Another important content-related consideration is whether or not live streaming is important to you. Several streaming platforms now offer live streaming services. You may wish to consider a live streaming option if you or your family often tune-in to live sporting events, local news, weather, or national news programs. If most of your viewing utilizes on-demand or DVR’d content you may not need a live streaming service.

Review Options for Ads and Commercials

Live streaming platforms will often include the same commercials you would get with cable. However, some services are entirely subscription-based and include no commercials at all. Lastly, some services offer different plan levels that allow you to pay more to eliminate ads or less if you’re willing to sit through commercials.

Consider the Number of Active Screens or Viewers

This is another case where more isn’t always better. No one wants to pay for something they’re not using. That’s why the number of active viewers or screens is another option many streaming services will let you customize. If you’re the only viewer in your household look for tiered plans that allow you to pay less for fewer active screens, or increase the number of viewers in case you decide you want to share.

Now that you know more about the different features being offered, and you’ve thought a little bit about what you’re looking for in a streaming platform you’re ready to start researching all the different options. If you’re still not sure what would make a streaming service better for you or how to decide between all the different platforms — Compare Streaming Services to make sure you’re getting the best value. Don’t waste money on services and channels that aren’t right for you.

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