What Triggers Mold Growth in Your Home and How to Prevent It?

Your home shelters and secures you and your family against natural and human elements. As with any building, those elements can wreak havoc on your house if it’s not maintained well. Besides physical damage, you will have to deal with biologically-induced ones.

On top of the list of bio-damages is mold. This insidious growth can deceive anyone with its innocuous appearance. It grows quietly in some neglected corner, silently destroying the structure from the inside. If not handled early, it can render the entire building weak.

Handling a mold infestation is no small task, especially if its growth is deep and extensive. Professionals like Mako Restoration Mold Specialists are to be called to act on it immediately. Their expertise and experience will help you save your house from the mold and restore the damaged parts to their original state.

Mould Management with the Right Knowledge

There are some steps one can adopt to keep mold infestation at bay. It involves gaining a good understanding of its nature and the best mitigation methods. Mako Restoration mold specialists and other such professional services can advise you on the prevention steps to take in this regard while working on your present problem.

The Causes

The typical causes for mold growth include:


Moisture is behind mold always as it’s its favorite trigger. High humidity combined with high temperatures provides the most fertile conditions for mold to develop. It doesn’t help that mold spores are everywhere, waiting for the right climatic conditions to spawn.

Rotting Organic Material

Organic materials like food, paper, cloth, etc., degrade if left unattended for long. These then serve as the ideal foundations for mold to develop. They provide the necessary nutrients that the fungus needs to nourish itself.

Wood is no exception here. Wooden houses are particularly susceptible to this phenomenon. Unchecked mold growth in wooden houses can severely compromise their structural integrity. Wooden furniture also suffers the same fate.

Stagnant Air

If there is a lack of air movement within the house, it exponentially increases the chances of mold spores getting deposited on their favored growth spots. Lack of fresh air also sustains those favorable conditions.


The typical mold mitigation methods include:

Ensuring Free Air Movement

A simple mold prevention technique is opening the house’s windows to keep the air circulating. The doors to moisture-laden places in the house, such as the bathroom and kitchen, need to be shut to prevent humid air from entering the other parts of the house.

Routine Inspection

Check all parts of the house regularly to see if there are signs of mold growth. Remove any organic material that could help trigger that growth. If a small amount of mold growth is spotted somewhere, remove it immediately using mold-specific solutions.

Call In The Experts

Some mold-clearing jobs can only get done by professionals. Call them immediately if that’s the case. If not then, their regular checkups will also help prevent mold growth.

Mold can become a problem if not nipped in the bud. Professionals like Mako Restoration Mold Specialists will do the needful to give you the mold-free home you deserve.

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