What You Need to Know About the Mouse

The technology industry is making concerted efforts to make wireless devices ubiquitous. It begins with wireless charging. Later there have wireless computer Mouse and wireless earphones. The wired Mouse cannot be replaced now.

Wired USB Computer Mouse: Photoelectric Mouse and Laser Mouse

Wired USB optical Mouse is still the most popular product. It has two types of Mice: laser and optics. The technologies of the two Mice are similar. How to distinguish them? Laser Mouse use the latest technology. Photoelectric Mouse is not bad in some aspects.

Let’s make one thing clear: optical Mouse and laser Mouse are not just wired Mice. Wireless Mice also have these types. Photoelectric Mice are common in the market, especially in daily life. You can use photoelectric Mice for home and office use. The photoelectric Mouse uses an infrared LED lamp (usually red) as the light source. The laser Mouse uses an invisible infrared laser source.

The photoelectric Mouse has at least 2 buttons. The laser Mouse is more advanced. It can have up to 12 programmable buttons. These buttons work together to make it easier to browse your computer. Some people argue endlessly, but optical sensors are better. They are more reliable and accurate. While optical Mice do not work well on highly reflective surfaces.

The laser Mouse can work on almost any hard surface. Unfortunately, their work on deeper soft surfaces is not as smooth as before.

Wireless computer Mouse

Like wired Mice, wireless computer Mice are available in laser and optical versions. Both operate at 2.4 GHz with a range of about 30 feet. You can use the Mouse to operate your computer in another room.

We want to further subdivide the categories. We divide wireless Mice into Bluetooth and RF (WiFi) computer Mice.

RF/Wireless and Bluetooth Mouse

The RF wireless Mouse uses radio frequency (RF) to connect to the computer. It works with a Nano/USB receiver/RF transmitter plugged into a USB port. You plug, this setting run. There is a small switch at the bottom of the Mouse. You can turn off or turn on the switch when needed. Although this seems to be common sense. We also want to clarify a point. Users must keep the USB receiver plugged in when using the RF Mouse. You can’t use the Mouse with the USB receiver losing or misplacing.

The connection between Bluetooth Mouse and computer is different with others. Experience of pairing Bluetooth devices can help you connect to compute. Some users have laptops with few USB ports. Choosing to buy Bluetooth Mouse will be perfect. Similarly, maybe your computer does not support Bluetooth or the Bluetooth driver is working. You can only choose RF Mouse. Someone may have multiple devices and prefer to use all of them with one Mouse. Bluetooth is the best choice for him.

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