What’s That Smell? 9 Signs Your Septic System Needs Saving

Do you notice a foul smell in your yard that doesn’t seem to go away? Or do you hear constant gurgling in your toilet or sink? These are signs of possible septic tank issues.

Septic tank problems can be one of the most damaging and most expensive concerns homeowners can ever face. In Florida, for example, failing septic tanks cost the state billions of dollars in repairs.

Furthermore, their impact on the environment is something that affects the next generation.

Thus, the key is to address septic issues, ASAP. But how exactly can you tell if your septic system already needs immediate attention? Visit OMDI.

Continue reading below for 9 important signs to look out for.

  1. The Foul Odor

As we mentioned earlier, foul odor that doesn’t seem to go away is one of the signs of septic tank issues. However, the location of the foul smell plays a crucial role. Find out where the stench is coming from.

If it emanates from an area in your yard or your drain field, then it is likely that your septic tank is already failing. The foul odor is a result of all the dirty water that all piled up. They come from your washing your dishes and laundry.

The same thing goes for the water you used for bathing, as well as the waste from your toilet. Since your septic tank is malfunctioning, the smell builds up and causes the foul odor.

  1. Pooling Water

Another sign of septic tank problems is water pooling. Check the area surrounding your septic tank for pooling water. Moreover, check the other parts of your yard if there is any standing water.

Standing water after rainfall is normal. It should subside in a day after the rains completely stop. But if the water remains for several days and the sun is up and bright, it can be a sign that your septic tank is leaking onto your yard.

  1. Gurgles in Your Plumbing

Do you hear your toilet gurgling whenever you flush it? Do you hear a similar sound coming from your shower drain? These can also be signs that your septic system is problematic.

Addressing the matter is paramount, considering the challenges of the current times. Various cities in the country are clogging up their pipes with their wipes, napkins, and toilet papers. Add these to the current condition of your septic system then you have one major smelly problem at hand.

  1. Water Slowly Draining

If you see water draining slowly, it doesn’t automatically mean that your septic tank is failing. It can be a sign that something is clogging your pipes. If the clogging remains after calling the plumber, then your move is to check your septic tank.

Your tank may be already full. Thus, it keeps the water from draining smoothly as it should. Hence, your tank requires immediate pumping.

  1. Greener Grass Near Septic Tank

When you’re mowing or lawn or watering your plants, check the condition of the grass near your septic tank. Do you see the grass greener, lusher, and brighter in the area? Then it’s a sign that your septic system requires pumping.

Lush grass near the septic tank means the latter is already full. In turn, the waste leaks into your lawn and fertilizes your grass. If you fail to address it, you may wake up one day with your lawn already flooding.

  1. Algae In Your Ponds

When was the last time you visited your local ponds? Or in case you have a pond in your property, check if you spot some growth of algae. If there are too many algae growing in the ponds, it can be a sign of septic malfunction.

The urgent concern about algae is that having too many of them can affect the pond’s ecosystem. Too many algae can deplete oxygen in the pond. In turn, it can disrupt the balance of marine life.

The same thing goes if there is a boom in algae growth in nearby lakes.

  1. Sewage Backup

A sewage backup is one of the most dangerous effects of a failing septic tank. Backups happen for many reasons. The most common are clogs on the main sewer line.

Another is when the sewer lines sustain damages. This happens when the lines are old or use clay piping or cast iron. These materials don’t last that long, causing them to break.

Sometimes, a heavy downpour of rain can cause sewer backups. Sometimes, it is the tree roots that are the culprits. When the roots grow too long, they can reach your sewer lines and crush the latter.

If you experience any of these signs, call professional septic services immediately.

  1. Nitrates in You Water Well

Do you have a private well in your property? Then check its water quality and determine if it contains nitrates and bacteria. Conduct a water test to see if your well contains high levels of coliform bacteria and nitrates.

If so, then the contaminants may likely come from your failing septic tank. Keep in mind that arresting the problem is urgent. The quality of your water well is paramount to your family’s health and safety.

  1. No Pumping for the Longest Time

Last but not least, you need to ask yourself this question: “When was the last time you pumped your septic system?” If your answer is “far too long to remember,” then it’s time to call a professional sewage expert.

Even if you don’t experience any clogs or slow drains, failing to pump your septic tank once every three years requires immediate attention. This will help keep septic issues from compounding and appearing one after the other.

Go Beyond Addressing Septic Tank Issues

Understanding the tell-tale signs of septic tank issues will help you arrest the situation before it goes way out of hand. To effectively treat a problematic septic system, you’ll need to choose a strong solution like fosa septica pret that you can rely on. It will save you time and resources while keeping your family safe. But fixing septic tank problems is only one aspect of improving your home.

Discover more on ensuring the safety of your property by reading our other articles. We tackle various topics about home improvement and beyond.

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