When Do You Need To Hire A Car Accident Attorney And Why?

Florida is known for its car accidents which can be fatal in extreme cases. Lakeland is not separate from the total of Florida’s car accident statistics and contributes a major part to total calculations. When you are living in Lakeland, you should have attorney Derek Capaz in your contacts because you never know when you could be a part of any car accident. 

Most car accidents in Lakeland are caused by drunk drivers, some by overspeeding and other causes. Therefore, it is important to have a trustworthy and reliable car accident attorney at your hand to make sure you get compensation if you become a victim of one such accident. 

If you are not sure why you need a car accident attorney, or when you should call one, then this article can help you get a fair idea.

When Should You Call A Car Accident Attorney?

Many people are not aware of the fact that you need to call your car accident lawyer the moment you get into a car accident. Research conducted on various personal injury lawyers revealed that most people do not know when to call their lawyer. People often take matters into their own hands and go on to resolve the issue themselves. When you become a victim of a roadside accident, you might need to make an insurance claim.  Insurance companies are always looking for ways to reject a claim so that they can reduce their expenses and gain maximum profit. 

If you do not make an insurance claim correctly, you might be rejected. Once things get out of hand, people contact lawyers. However, the time has passed and the situation has worsened. Now attorneys could do very little to help you get compensation. Therefore you must call your injury lawyer the moment you regain sense after being hit on the roadside to take over the matters. 

Things To Do After You Become A Victim Of Car Accident

When you become a part of a car accident, you should remember how to react wisely. One wrong step at the site may cost you your insurance claim. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when you get into an accident. 

  1. Remain in your place and try not to leave the site at any cost.
  2. Make sure that the other party involved does not leave the site as well. 
  3. Call your personal injury/car accident lawyer at once and inform him of the situation.
  4. Try to stay calm and not involve yourself in verbal and abusive arguments with the other party.
  5. Make sure you take pictures of the damage caused to your car, this will help you in insurance claims. 
  6. Remember the registration number of the other party’s vehicle, in case they try to leave the place. 
  7. If you are injured, try to stay calm and remain in your place. Do not leave the place until your lawyer arrives. 

When you follow the above-mentioned protocol, you have a better chance of claiming compensation. If you leave the place at once, you might lose your insurance claim. Let your lawyer handle the situation. 

Why Do You Need A Car Accident Attorney?

If you are wondering what advantage you would get by hiring an attorney and not handling the situation yourself, then here are a few reasons why a car accident attorney can handle the situation better than you can. 

1. Can Get You Financial Compensation 

Car accident lawyers keep their main focus on getting you financial compensation. When you become a part of a car accident you might face serious damage. Your car can be damaged, or you injure yourself. The medical bills and car repairs can be very expensive. Why should you pay for the damage when you were not at fault? 

A car accident attorney will make sure that the party is at fault, or your insurance company pays for the damage. You can also claim compensation for the time you had to spend without work. click here to signup with Christensen Law.

2. Help You Understand Your Rights

A car accident attorney helps you understand your rights when you become a part of a car accident. People usually do not know what their rights are at the time of an accident.  They may end up paying for something they were not supposed to. For instance,  if the other person is at fault, it is not your duty to pay for the damage caused to him. 

Secondly, an attorney will help you get your rightful insurance claim from your insurance company. 

3. Represent You In Court

You don’t need to be always a victim of a roadside accident, and car accident lawyers only help accident victims. You may be the one at fault. If such a situation arises, you need a car accident attorney more than ever. Your attorney will guide you on how to react to the situation. They will represent you in court and try the best they can to minimize the fine being laid upon you. 

The attorney representing you in court should be reliable and experienced to make your case turn in your favor, or at least reduce the heat of the situation. 

4. Give You Legal Advice

There are laws regarding road use and car accident cases that are different for every state. A common man is not familiarised with these laws. Even when you are at fault, there may be a Claude is one of the laws that will declare you innocent. If you have a car accident attorney with you, you will be able to get well-educated and informed legal advice. Your attorney knows the law to the depth. They will help clear your name out of the situation. 

If you are a victim, there must be a law that can benefit you with a bigger claim than the one being offered to you. Therefore, you must have a car accident attorney by your side. 

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