When Is the Best Time to Visit Colorado?

Did you know that more than 86 million people visited Colorado in 2019 for events and vacations?

Colorado is known for its beautiful landscape, the land is covered with mountains, hot springs, and sand dunes.

If you are wanting to visit Colorado, but still need to decide on when to go, there are a couple of things to consider.

Continue reading to discover the best time to visit Colorado based on what you want to do!

Ski & Snowboard

If you are looking for the best time to visit Colorado for skiing or snowboarding, winter is the answer.

Colorado is one of the most exciting places to be in the country once the snow hits the ground. Since the Rocky Mountains run through Colorado, there are plenty of challenging and beautiful slopes. If you decide to visit Colorado in the winter, January to February is recommended.

People come from all over the world to ski down these mountains. While you are there, you might even get the chance to see a competition! People that regularly ski or snowboard like to purchase rental properties so that they can have a vacation spot.

Brewery Hop

One of the best things to do in Colorado is to go brewery hopping with a group of friends.

There are so many breweries in Colorado that you won’t run out of unique choices of beer. Craft beer is popular on the west side of the country, which puts this state in the center of the excitement.

Colorado Mountain Brewery, Great Divide Brewing Co, and Coors are located in Colorado. If you are planning an all adults trip, this is a great activity. Since brewery hopping does involve time spent outside, it is best to visit in the summer or fall.

The summer is a perfect time to visit because you will have all of the warm weather and can check out the venues on the water. Fall time is another excellent time to visit breweries because the temperatures are comfortable and cool.


You might be wondering when to visit Colorado if you want to go hiking in the mountains.

If you are taking a hiking trip through the Rockies, you will want to go sometime between mid-July and September. The early part of summer is a poor time to hike because the area experiences a rainy season that will make hiking difficult.

Those looking to avoid the crowds should stay off the trails during the holidays, however, like Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

After September ends, you run the risk of encountering snow and ice-covered paths. If you enjoy the colder weather, don’t be afraid to pack your shoe spikes and poles. Winter hiking is a lot of fun in Colorado if you come prepared.


If you are planning a vacation to Colorado for sightseeing, you should go at the beginning of autumn.

From June to October, you can go sightseeing around the state and hit all of the best spots without issues. Although June can be a little rainy, it is a good time to start viewing everything that Colorado has to offer.

The Rocky Mountain National Park, Mount Elbert, and Mount Bierstadt have picturesque views. The tops of the mountains will be capped with snow but you won’t have to deal with any on your hike during these months.

If you want to absorb the winter fun and see towns that look like they came out of a Christmas movie, November to January is an excellent time to visit.


While you are taking a break from hiking, you should look into some of the music festivals in Colorado.

If you enjoy attending music festivals, you should head to Colorado from June to September. The warmer weather helps bring crowds together to listen to some of the most talented artists in every industry.

Whether you want to see the Underground Music Showcase or head to the Bluegrass festival, there is always something to hear. If the dancing and hiking leave you tired, go to the Taste of Colorado festival at the beginning of September for delicious treats!

Color Viewing

A fun and calming activity to do in Colorado is color viewings of the trees.

Since Colorado sits at a higher elevation when compared to most of the country, the leaves start changing a little earlier than other places. The best time to view the colors in Colorado is between September and early October.

With all of the ski lifts on the mountains, some parks have them open in the fall. Try looking for a lift that will take you to the tops of the mountains so that you can see all of the leaves changing from miles away.

Aspen trees, which cover most of the state, start changing color once the days are shorter in the fall.

Enjoy the Nightlife

If you are looking for a good time and want to explore Colorado’s nightlife, the summer is the best time to visit.

The summer months are ideal for hitting the restaurants, clubs, and bars because you won’t have to deal with snow. Try to avoid the first portion of summer so that you aren’t carrying an umbrella with your clutch.

Fall time is another good time to enjoy the nightlife if you want to stay cool and cozy.

Do You Know the Best Time to Visit Colorado?

Figuring out the best time to visit Colorado depends on what types of activities you want to do.

There are certain things that you can only do for a portion of the year. Skiing, snowboarding, and winter hiking can be fun activities for the winter. If you are wanting to take a trip during the warmer months though, hiking and brewery hopping is always an option.

Try to find multiple activities and events during the same season so that you can make the most of your trip.

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