When Should You Hire Commercial Pest Control Companies?

There are many different types of pests that can cause an array of problems. But what do they all have in common?

They bother people and negatively impact your business. As a business owner or manager, you can’t afford to lose customers or receive bad reviews due to something simple like pests.

Whether it’s insects, rodents, or something else, pests can be effectively dealt with to ensure no further harm is done to your bottom line. Wondering when to hire commercial pest control companies?

Any time you hear an employee complain or see a bad review from a customer, that’s a red flag. That often means it’s too late. Here are the signs you should hire commercial pest control services before your reputation and your business gets impacted. Click here for Urban Hawks.


It doesn’t matter what type of company you run, if there are cockroaches spotted in your building, you need to have a commercial pest control team out right away. They typically only come out at night, when activity, light, and noise are at a minimum.

So when you see one, that means there are often many more. Nobody ever wants to see one, including your employees, and certainly not your customers.

Flies Inside

Do you have a problem with flies getting inside your building? That often means there are problems outdoors attracting them to your building in the first place. An excess of flies could indicate further issues and a professional should be consulted for a solution and examination.

Bees Wreaking Havoc

Nothing ruins an enjoyable outdoor experience like the buzzing of a bee. While these creatures are important to our environment, they don’t have a place on our property where customers or team members are trying to enjoy themselves.

Bees are especially problematic at restaurants or bars that have outdoor seating. They are attracted to smells and tastes and can ruin a dining experience for anyone. Plus, they can cause potentially fatal allergic reactions to certain people.

A commercial pest control company can rid your property of bees and restore peace to your outdoor facilities.

Rodents Tearing Up Your Landscaping?

Have you invested a considerable amount of money into your landscaping? Then you need to ensure rodents aren’t digging up, eating, or wreaking havoc on your vegetation. If you notice a hole in your grass or garden or notice that flowers have been eaten, you’ll want to call the best pest control company in the area to ensure they are removed for good.

Bed Bugs vs Commercial Pest Control Companies

Do you run a hotel, bed, and breakfast, or vacation rental? If so, nothing can ruin your reputation more than bed bugs.

And once one bed has them, it will likely spread to the rest. You’ll need to bring in commercial pest control sprayers ASAP to prevent further spread and damage to your company’s public status.


People long to sit outside at a restaurant, brewery, or cafe in the summer and soak up the sunshine. But if your facility is plagued with mosquitoes, you can bet that your customers won’t be coming back. Keep your grounds mosquito-free by hiring a pest control company before summer even begins.

Commercial Pest Control Near Me

There are many other pests that can wreak havoc on your business and many other signs to look out for. The best time to hire commercial pest control companies is before you ever experience an issue.

To offer the best customer and employee experience, have a professional examine your grounds and facility to look for potential issues and make recommendations to prevent problems before they begin.

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