Why are OG Sunglasses the Runners Best Choice?

OG stands for Oliver Goldsmith, who pioneered a new concept of eyewear. He is said to be an iconic eyewear originator since 1926. He created a new design for sunglasses that were fashionable and functional. Since the mid-’20s, sunglasses have become a fashion statement. And over the years the sunglasses designs have gone through dramatic changes from handmade tortoiseshell frames to sophisticated plastic frames. These sunglasses are commonly used by runners- whether men or women. Goodr OG Sunglasses are perfect for stylish runners. The OG’s are designed to make look you are good and comfortable.

Features of OG Sunglasses:- These are the best looking sunglasses with features and benefits listed below:

  1. Anti Slip:- These glasses are manufactured by using a grip coverage material for frames to overcome slippage and sweating problems.
  2. Bounce Resistant:- The lightweight frame is designed with a snug to prevent bounce while you are on the move/ running, and it fits comfortably to your face.
  3. Protective lenses:- These sunglasses have lenses with UVA and UVB rays protection to block the sunlight. They also use polarized lenses with glare-reducing features to offer you the best.
  4. Affordable:- These sunglasses are very cheap, so you don’t have to worry about becoming bankrupt even if you happen to leave them somewhere.

Types of Goodr OG Sunglasses: These sunglasses are available in more colors and designs than we can ever imagine for various occasions and celebrations. There is a long list but let us discuss a few of them briefly in this article.

  1. Licensed Wonder Woman Sunglasses:- These are mirrored sunglasses, featured with a number of funny and wacky designs for eyewear. The lenses used are impact-resistant with 100% UV 400 protection. These sunglasses are officially licensed and are perfect for kids and adults.
  2. PBR Sunglasses:- These sunglasses are perfect for giving you a cowboy look. Its glossy frames are hand polished with flex-fit spring-loaded comfortable hinges. These sunglasses provide UVA and UVB protection with reflective mirrors coated lenses that exceed impact standards of ANSI.
  3. Halloween Sunglasses:- These are classic, cute, funny decorative prop for Halloween costumes to make the atmosphere interesting and pleasant. It is ideal for Carnivals, Easter/New Year’s Eve, masquerade parties. These have a comfortable size to fit adults and kids.
  4. Thanksgiving Sunglasses:- These are autumn costume party glasses for celebrating Thanksgiving Day. These are also called the Turkey glasses which are a style statement supplement to brighten up your party. These are creative, festive, and stylish glasses to match your costume. These types of sunglasses are widely used for celebrating thanksgiving parties and are ideal for birthdays and other festivities.
  5. Patrick’s Day Sunglasses:- These are branded, value novelty shamrock sunglasses for kids and adults to match with Shamrock costume on this auspicious day. This accessory adds a new flavor to your celebration.

Conclusion:- There are many more to add to the list of OG Sunglasses, like the Hanukkah sunglasses, Christmas and Holiday sunglasses, Food themed sunglasses, and many other celebration Sunglasses. The OG sunglasses are unique and never out of fashion, suitable for men and women runners. Despite all these qualities, the OG Sunglasses are best for running.

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