Why Is Tree Maintenance Important?

If you live in an urban environment, then you definitely need to think about tree maintenance as part of general property upkeep. Proper tree care can also be part of your lawn care regimen because after pruning you normally gain the correct balance of light and shade for optimum growth of the grass beneath them.

Even with all the lawn care equipment in the world, many people struggle to keep the grass green under the trees. Let’s see how tree maintenance can help improve your lawn.

Do Trees Take Nutrients From Grass?

The truth is that tree roots can and do suck the life out of lawns. The roots of big trees outcompete the roots of the grass for nutrients and moisture. Your lawn is sure to improve if you cut it and water it regularly and fertilize it with a nitrogen-based lawn feeder. You can improve your lawn by taking care of other landscaping elements such as shrubs and trees.

The Pruning Imperative

All shrubs and trees in an artificial environment, such as the average suburban garden, need pruning — and it takes time to learn how to prune effectively. Pruning is done for several reasons. The first is cleaning which involves removing dead, diseased, dying, crowded, and low-vigor branches from the tree.

The second function of pruning is the particular removal of branches. This allows more light to penetrate and increases the amount of air moving into the apex of the tree.
The pruning technique called raising is where the lower branches of the tree typically a pine tree but it can be any other type are removed to provide clearance, normally for vehicles, pedestrians, utility lines, and buildings.

Raising is also used to create a better line of sight of a view beyond the tree. Not only does raising remove branches that might pose a danger it also allows more light to reach the ground and therefore encourages healthier growth of your lawn.

It’s worth contracting a tree removal services company to take care of your tree maintenance. They have the equipment and expertise. And, they have personpower so big jobs can be taken care of quickly and safely.

Trimming as Part of Lawn Care

Springtime is the ideal time to get your trees trimmed. This would include the removal of dead branches but also branches that will crowd out viable ones. This is particularly true of fruit trees and well-executed trimming improves both the size and quality of the fruit harvested especially.

Shrubs also need trimming to train the shape and provide a neater, more pleasing overall look to your garden. Trimming shrubs also reduces the number of insects inhabiting areas thickly populated by branches and twigs. This could rate as the best lawn care service for your garden, and falls squarely within the scope of lawn maintenance.

Shade Is as Shade Does

While good lawn care drums up the classic image of a summer lunch at a table laden with food beneath the spreading chestnut tree is appealing, the truth is that too much shade is not good for your lawn.

This is why you should engage professionals who have the necessary knowledge about how to prune different types of trees and when to do so. Pruning is an annual activity and real improvements can certainly be seen after several years of observing good pruning practice.

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