Why Pairing SMS and Email Marketing Is Effective In Empowering A Business

Many people have used SMS marketing or email marketing for a long time since they’re both effective, and many trusts their reach. But what if email and SMS marketing are used simultaneously? This idea paves the way for helping many business owners empower their businesses and create better brand awareness.

Ideally, many startup business owners need to be wise in where they invest their money and ensure they will have a good return on investment (ROI). In this sense, pairing SMS marketing and email marketing could be an excellent edge for many startups because they are one of the longest existing marketing strategies. But that’s not all; if you want to know more about why these two marketing strategies effectively empower a business, continue reading below.

You Could Easily Send Texts Using Emails and Vice Versa

Some business owners find it a hassle to update customers through email and do another update via text separately. Fortunately, there are global business communication providers that could help in sending SMS directly from an email account or even sending a text to email. This is great if you want to build engagements with your clients and help reach even those that are far demographically.

Besides, people are more likely to read your text messages than emails alone. Thus, maximizing the opportunity to send information through two channels and communicating with your audience through two options could help strengthen your customer relationship. Thus, helping your business to grow.

Easily Follow Up on Important Announcements

Many companies have huge special offers or deals for their target consumers, but they don’t get noticed because they aren’t able to spread the word publicly with the best and most effective strategies. As a result, their sales may be slow, and their return on investment may take some time.

Although email marketing is an excellent step to make your brand known and spread the news about your company, it’s not enough to ensure that your target consumers are informed about the great offers or special announcements. This is because not everyone tends to check their emails all the time. In this sense, email marketing and SMS marketing could help companies to improve this aspect by using SMS as a follow-up on the important announcements you have.

For example, your marketing team has already started sending out emails to showcase a new product line that your company is offering. You could improve the momentum and create more thrill by sending follow-up text messages convincing them to try and check it out in your stores.

In this way, you wouldn’t be bothered too much thinking they couldn’t receive the email as you have also sent out text messages with related details.

Provides A More Secure Transaction

Email marketing and SMS marketing are not just effective for marketing purposes, but it is also helpful in keeping consumers safe and providing secure transactions. Nowadays, scams online are prevalent, and even reputable websites seem to be targeted by various scammers to get money out of consumers.

Fortunately, if you have both the email and phone numbers of your consumers, it could decrease the occurrence of scams through a secondary authentication through text messages.

For instance, a customer was alerted through email that you have promos and deals in your business, and they decided to check your products and eventually purchase. Before they can transact their payment online, customers will receive a text message confirming details if the shipping details are legitimate. Questions such as confirming the order details and if the customer is the one who transacts the payment online via OTP are a few ways SMS is utilized to see if the transaction is valid.

In this sense, consumers becoming updated at every step of their purchasing process would be beneficial because it allows them to track it. Thus, making it safer and more effective to help feel secure when they do transactions with your business.

Customers Could Communicate With You Better

Communication is highly essential if you want your business to flourish. Since you have two communication channels when you utilize email and SMS marketing, it would be easier for your consumers to communicate with you. In this sense, if they feel satisfied with your service and products, they might become your loyal customers who would always show support for your business.

Customers buying behavior could also improve when they experience excellent communication with a company. No customer would want a business that is not welcoming or accommodating to their concerns. Thus, it’s a huge advantage if you gain the trust of your consumers since they could also help you market your company through word of mouth.

It’s Cost-Effective

Both email marketing and SMS marketing are effective strategies for promoting a business. They are highly effective if you need to reach even those far from your demographic area.

What SMS marketing can’t reach could be doable through email marketing and vice versa. Even when you combine SMS and email marketing and compare it to the cost of other marketing channels like TV and radio advertising, it’s still the better option, especially for startups. In this way, it could help a company grow because it’s effective and affordable for most startup businesses that don’t have enough means to invest.

You wouldn’t have to worry about additional expenses like printing fees, flyers, and more because email and text messaging are done online or viewable through electronic devices like phones, laptops, etc.

Final Thoughts

Marketing your products is not an easy task. Thus, there is a need to have a marketing strategy that would indeed work for your business, like SMS or email marketing. These marketing strategies could help you reach your company’s aim and financial needs; what more if you combine two of them?

To know more about the power of combining these two strategies, make sure you read the details stated above!

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