Why Receiving Care at Home Could Be The Best Option

It is difficult to accept that you need assistance with day-to-day living, but it is probably more difficult to decide the best care option. Sometimes there is no choice – there is sufficient assistance required that it is necessary to opt for a residential home or a nursing home. The alternative is receiving care at home.

According to a survey by Onepoll in 2014, 97 per cent of respondents said they would prefer to receive care at their own home rather than go into a home. In another survey, 71 per cent responded they would prefer to be in their own home at the end of life. The care industry has responded and there is a growing number of care agencies. So what are the advantages of receiving care at home?

Research says it is the best option

A number of studies have shown that home care is better for health and general wellbeing. As well as this positive impact, there are also reduced hospital admissions compared to admissions from patients in care homes. Accordingly, the strategy of the World Health Organisation is to keep people in their own homes for as long as possible and the NHS is following suit.

Home care is more cost effective than residential care

Permanent residential care means giving up your home and usually selling it to fund the cost of your future care. Typically, receiving care at home is cheaper than residential care and nursing homes as you pay for the hours you receive care, rather than a permanent/on-going situation. Another advantage is that the value of your own home is not (currently) included in means-test asset calculations to determine if you are eligible for public funding towards the cost of your care.

There is more independence with home care

In truth there is little sense of independence in a residential home. There are usually schedules for each day as the needs of all residents have to be met. This is one of the reasons why being in a care home is called being “institutionalised”. When you receive assistance from a home care agency in Bournemouth it is for the times you set. You can also continue your life as normal with all your familiar things around you including receiving visitors whenever you like and keeping your pet if you have one – things not always possible in a residential home.

Care at home is customised

Care given at home can be tailored totally to meet your needs. This means the type of care you receive, the times it is given, and who provides it. You can choose to have a carer every day or not, select the duties they will perform for you. Care at home is flexible. Plus, if for any reason you do not like or get on with your carer, the agency will happily replace with someone else. It is also easy to increase your care as time passes if need be.

When you choose in-home care, ensure you pick a reputable agency to receive all the benefits outlined above.

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