Why Video Content Marketing is Essential to Your Business

Business needs constant growth and consistent profit to sustain themselves and stay competitive. This requires promoting the business through various touchpoints to qualified leads and creating strategies to retain the loyalties of existing customers. In this bid, video content marketing can give your digital marketing efforts a razor-sharp edge.


Because 86% of marketers are already leveraging the magnetic power of videos for converting leads. And 84% of prospects wait for videos to make informed purchasing decisions. Video marketing is a booming field that is contributing to nearly 80% of traffic in the online domain. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and all popular social platforms offer scope for publishing engaging, interactive, and immersive video content.

There is no better time than now to steer your SEO effectively through persuasive videos.

Reasons Why Video Content Can Charge Up Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Videos can efficiently cater to the short attention span of viewers. If your videos blend the elements of fun and information together wittily, your brand’s awareness, popularity, and credibility are bound to increase.

The compelling ways in which video content can help market your brand powerfully have been discussed below.

Videos Help Showcase Your Products in a Realistic Way

A potential customer wants to check out a product from different perspectives to visualize its utility and sufficiency to his needs. You can exhibit the various aspects of your product’s functionality with a video.

The buyer will feel as if he is inspecting a product with his hands in a real brick-and-mortar shop.

During a new product launch, you can easily capture the attention of leads with explainer videos containing animation-driven demonstrations of all useful features. Sales are bound to go up exponentially.

Videos Expand Your Brand’s Online Outreach Through Better Search Engine Ranking

Place relevant and engaging videos on the landing page of your website, product pages, YouTube channels, social media pages, and other online portals. Soon, you will experience a surge in the footfall of organic traffic on your site.

Why? Because good videos will motivate viewers to like, recommend and share your content. These actions will send an impression to Google algorithms that your content is being found useful by netizens.

Accordingly, your site will be ranked higher in the search engine result page (SERP) index. This will make your site appear on opening pages for all relevant searches.

YouTube, too is a search engine. Posting high-quality, informative videos through your brand’s channel will drive engagement. This will positively impact your site’s SERP.

Videos Improve The Average ‘Dwell Time’ of Website Visitors

Your site has ranked higher in Google search, and visitors have landed on the brand webpage. Visitors may leave sooner if the site fails to command their attention and time. This will adversely impact your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts.

‘Dwell Time’ or the time spent on your webpage by a visitor who had discovered your brand’s site through Google Search affects search algorithms ranking index. You need well-edited videos on the landing page and the linked web pages to ensure that visitors dwell on your site for longer.

Also, 82% of marketers have admitted that videos greatly increase dwell time.

Videos Can Be Customized Cost-Effectively For Catering To Different Marketing Purposes

Videos can serve all your digital marketing needs comprehensively. This implies that you can create and edit tailored videos on different themes with creativity and an innovative approach.

Making good videos is cost-efficient, too, thanks to the numerous high-end editing features offered by an online video editor. You can easily adjust the atmospherics and aesthetics of tantalizing videos with little or no technical expertise.

You can easily make interactive and attention-grabbing visual content aligned with your marketing objectives, such as:

  • Explainer Videos
  • Videos for Social Media
  • Product or Service Presentation Videos
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Advertisement Videos
  • Videos with Sales Pitch
  • Teaser Videos
  • Product Features and/or Functionality Demonstration Videos
  • Workshop/ Factory/ Production Site Tour Videos
  • Customer Onboarding Videos
  • Product Training Videos
  • Staff Interaction or Endorsement by Staff Videos
  • Application Demo Videos
  • Live Streaming Videos

You will never run short of options to target the shortlisted demographic leads with the unlimited marketing scope offered by videos.

Videos Consolidate The Bond of Trust Between Your Brand and Customers

Customers are emotional beings who seek, love and appreciate brands that strive to interact with them in a personalized tone. This gesture uplifts their spirits, make them confident about the positive attitude of brand managers, and motivates them to spread the word about you through word-of-mouth promotion.

To transform leads into passionate brand advocates, you need to unlock the potential of videos optimally. Start connecting with customers through videos and gradually bridge the communication gap through regular interactions.

This way, you can boldly state the authoritative status your brand enjoys in a niche market segment.

You can:

  • Use Webinar videos to educate and inform leads about the utility of your brand’s offerings
  • Leverage ‘Face-To-Face’ real-time videos for responding to specific queries of buyers
  • Create ‘Sales Enquiry’ related personal videos to update customers and improve their brand interaction experience
  • Make ‘Leadership Talk’ videos where your brand’s decision-makers can share their views, talk about various aspects of products, and showcase their sincerity related to marketing and offering the best to customer

Videos Boost Conversions Through Email Marketing Phenomenally

The inboxes of most email users are filled with marketing emails that compete with each other to grab interested eyeballs. Your email can gain an edge over others if its subject line contains the word ‘video.’

Such is the magnetic and convincing power of videos: emails embedded with videos enjoy a higher click-through rate (CTR) of 200-300% over ordinary emails.

You can win back leads who had abandoned shopping carts by sending them product demo video emails. Also, videos register their persuasive presence when sent to welcome new customers into your brand’s fold.

Videos relieve email readers from straining their senses to get hold of the message hidden in long and sometimes cryptic texts. Instead, they can sit back, relax and enjoy the videos for making conscious, informed buying decisions.

Always include the CTA (Call-To-Action) in each video without letting the sales pitch overpower the personalized appeal.

Videos Make Your ROI (Return on Investment) Go Through The Roof

It has become easier to affordably create spellbinding videos and deploy them on all marketing touchpoints quickly. Spend time and energy to organize your content strategy meticulously and sync the same seamlessly with your marketing goal.

Respect the sentiments of viewers and keep updating the video content to cater to shifts in temperaments of targeted leads. Never compromise with the quality. If you are running short on budget, exploit the high-resolution cameras of your smartphone to capture compelling shots.

The small investments you will regularly make in creating exciting videos shall get multiplied manifold time to offer you astounding returns.


Video content marketing cannot be ignored if you want to rope in new customers regularly and retain them. Videos increase brand awareness and inspire viewers to make a favorable purchasing decision in your favor without much dithering. If you have not been strategically leveraging the turbocharging power of videos, start now; else, your competitors will steal the march over you.

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