Will Buying Replacement Windows Increase the Value of Your Home?

Heat exchange through your windows can raise energy use by as much as 30 percent. That alone is a good reason to consider installing new windows in your home. But the list of benefits from buying new windows goes beyond energy efficiency. 

If you’re looking for home improvements with a high ROI, be sure to add new windows to your list.

Increasing the value of your home should be the priority of home renovations. These benefits of buying replacement windows can earn you top dollar.

Energy Efficiency

The phrase “smart technology” can apply to the windows in your home too. And it’s something you won’t find in windows that are more than 15 years old. 

With energy-efficient windows, the outdoor temperature doesn’t affect the feeling indoors. Double- and triple-panes windows have an insulated barrier. That, along with suitable weatherstripping, keeps the outdoor elements where they belong. 

Energy-efficient windows also prevent your HVAC from having to work harder to heat and cool your home. 

Home Security

Your window selection is another chance to improve the safety of your home. Choose to have a protective film added to your new windows. It makes them harder to break, which helps deter theft and other criminal activity. 

Consider reinforcing your new windows with keyed locks too. Thanks to insurance policy discounts, secure windows can lower your premium. 

Noise Reduction

It shouldn’t matter that you live near a busy intersection. The noise from cars and pedestrians shouldn’t disrupt the peace inside your home. If it does, you need to buy replacement windows now. 

If you’re thinking of selling your home, recognize the nuisance of street noise. Buyers value quiet so they’re sure to value new, noise-reducing windows. 

Curb Appeal

When selling your home you need the exterior to grab a buyer’s attention. That’s as much part of curb appeal as trimmed hedges and blossoming flowers. They all make your house more attractive to passersby.

Locate a retailer with a variety of windows from which to choose. That way it’s easier to find new windows that match your home’s style and color. 

Easy Cleaning

Regular maintenance keeps your windows looking brand new and makes them last longer. But it’s almost impossible to clean the interior and exterior of older windows. Good quality new windows tilt-in for easy accessibility and cleaning. 

Conveniences in and around your home give you a better quality of living. Home appraisals reflect the value of new windows. And buyers notice home improvements that make routine chores a lot more manageable. 

Window Shopping

Let an experienced window installer advise you on your purchase. Buying replacement windows that complement your home is more vital than you think.

A simple internet search makes it easy to find a reputable company to replace your windows. Google “window installation service near me” to connect with a local business. Be sure to read reviews from other customers before making a selection. 

Buying Replacement Windows Raises Home Value

Ways to increase home value may be on every homeowner’s radar. And buying replacement windows is a smart investment with a big return. Save energy and reduce outdoor noise while giving your home fresh curb appeal. 

Let us know if you found this information useful. And check out more of our blog tips on home improvement. 

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