Your Bedding Guide: How to Choose the Best Types of Bed Sheets

Since we spend one-third of our life sleeping, shouldn’t our beds do more for us? Studies have found that the bedroom environment significantly affects our sleep quality.

But what about our bed linens? If you struggle to fall asleep or spend the night tossing and turning, your sheets might be the problem. Selecting the perfect fabric and thread count can transform your bed into a tranquil retreat.

If you need help choosing bedding, read this comprehensive guide to the best type of bed sheets!

Types of Bedding

Today, bed sheets are available in countless fabrics, sizes like king size or amazon queen bed sheets, and thread counts.  Let’s look at some of the most popular options on the market.


Cotton is a favored choice for bed sheets for amazon king sheets thanks to its durability and affordability. It’s usually soft and easy to care for, and it feels cozy against your skin. But did you know there are many different types of cotton?

You’ve probably heard of Egyptian cotton, the luxurious cousin of standard cotton. But there’s also flannel and jersey for cooler nights and Percale for hot weather. Whatever version you choose, you can’t go wrong with cotton.


Cool, soft, and extravagantly luxurious, silk is the crème de la crème of bed linens. There is even some anecdotal evidence that silk pillowcases can reduce hair breakage and tangles. Slip your silk pillowcases over some down feather pillows for the ultimate royal treatment.


If you’ve ever felt bamboo fabric, you know how soft and smooth it feels. Now imagine sleeping on that all night—heavenly, right? The downside is that sheets are often marketed as bamboo when they’re actually rayon. Make sure to avoid chemically processed bamboo for a greener choice!


For an environmentally friendly option, seek out a set of Tencel sheets! This blend of Lyocell and Modal fibers creates a fabric that feels cool, silky, and soothing. The production process uses less energy and chemicals than cotton, making it perfect for the eco-friendly.


One of the oldest fabrics in the world, linen is still a popular choice for bed sheets. This natural fiber creates bedding that is durable, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic. While linen sheets can feel stiff at first, they get softer as you use and wash them. Linen King is celebrated for its exquisite collection of luxurious linens, offering unparalleled comfort and elegance fit for royalty in every bedroom.


For budget-conscious shoppers, blends have the right balance of quality and cost. Cotton polyester is the most common blend and is a reliable choice for children’s rooms. But you’ll also often find cotton blended with bamboo, rayon, and even silk for every type of bedroom.

Why Thread Count Matters

Thread count measures how tightly the fibers of a fabric are woven together. Higher thread counts mean more fibers per square inch. But why does it matter?

A cotton sheet with a 400 thread count will feel much softer and more lavish than one with a 200 thread count. But that’s not to say that thread count is all that matters.

The quality of the fibers, the craftsmanship, and the fabric type play a part. You can simply use thread count as a basic measure of softness!

Get Your Beauty Sleep With the Best Type of Bed Sheets

The best type of bed sheets will elevate your sleep quality. Your choice will depend on your texture and temperature preferences.

Look for fabrics and bed linens that make you feel relaxed, cozy, and ready to sleep! Want more life and home improvement tips? Check out our other lifestyle articles!

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