Your Guide to All Types of Construction Trucks (and Why You Need Them)

Is there anything more exciting than a construction site filled with giant machinery moving metal and digging massive trenches? There are many types of construction trucks you’ll find on a job site, but do you know what they are and what they do?

Unless you’re an expert in the industry, probably not. We created this guide to help you identify the many new construction trucks and provide information on how they make construction easier. Without them, many of the buildings and homes you see would take longer to build or be unable to be built at all.

Types of Construction Trucks: Dump Trucks

One of the most common trucks found on a site is the dump truck. You may think that all they do is haul items around and dump them out, but there are several types of them.

Side dump trucks have a low risk of tipping over and are best on large sites with lots of space. Off-road dump trucks are used in mining operations and are massive.

Transfer dump trucks need a trailer to haul anything. This makes them versatile and helps improve the overall capacity of the load, but still maintain maneuverability.

Everyone Loves the Bulldozer

Children love the bulldozer because it’s huge and rushes through dirt and other construction equipment like butter. It has large, fitted blades in the front to drive soil, sand, and other debris. It’s incredibly versatile and one of the most common trucks seen on a construction site.

Check it out if you like seeing large construction trucks.

Dig the Trenchers

These are some of the unique vehicles you’ll see on a construction site. They dig large trenches, install drainage, and layout pipes. You might even see trenchers on the battlefield.

Microtrenchers create smaller trenchers that require more precision and are smaller than standard trenchers. This makes them ideal for large cities where space is at a premium. Chain trenchers create deep and narrow trenches for cutting pavement and roadwork maintenance.

Compactors Crush Soil

If the ground isn’t compacted sufficiently, then it can lead to broken pipes, weak foundations, and many other issues. The soil compactor crushes soil and creates bales. They can also crush trash and other services.

It’s one of the most valuable construction trucks on the site, but it’s important to stay safe around them.

Concrete Mixer Truck

Concrete is used often on construction sites, but how do they make so much of it at one time. A concrete mixer truck has a revolving drum that mixes the sand, concrete, water and, gravel to make large volumes of concrete that are easily poured out.

There are portable mixers available for smaller concrete needs. People love to see the drum revolve and hear the concrete mixing.

Everyone Loves Construction Trucks

Adults and children love to see all the types of construction trucks at job sites because they’re so massive and do many jobs. This guide should let you understand what most of the trucks do.

If you want to learn more about the construction industry and the trucks and tools used, then explore our site.

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