Zell Swag Net Worth

Who is Zell Swag?

Born on January 29th, 1988 in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A, Rodney Lazell Shaw, popularly known as Zell Swag, is mainly a culture stylist before his appearance in the media. He has a fashion streetwear brand of his own, and as a creative director of the brand he is well known in the high fashion world, hip-hop world, and casual streetwear. However, he came in the public and media attention as a cast member of VH1’s hit television reality show Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and became popular with the screen name Zell Swag.

Zell Swag Net Worth

Zell Swag Net Worth

It’s true that nothing was officially confirmed and Zell Swag did not reveal anything about his net worth, or even salary. However, if you have been following @ZellSwag, you probably realized he must be making a handsome amount as appeared on his social media.

Zell Swag Age

His age is 30 years now as of 2018

Life Before Media

 As mentioned earlier, Zell Swag was born and spent the early days of his life in Cincinnati, Ohio. He then shifted to Los Angeles so that he can pursue a career in the fashion industry. He was quite successful and managed to establish his own fashion brand. However, his appearance on the TV reality show titled Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has driven him to a new identity, what he is now.

Zell Swag as Media Professional

Zell Swag is probably the best example when it comes to being at the peak of popularity overnight. Yes, it was just a single reality show that made him what he is today and hampered his career as well. As a cast member of popular TV show Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Zell Swag worked with some of the most notable figures in the hip-hop industry including Marcus Black, Alexis Sky Brooke Valentine, and Misster Ray. As of now, he probably made 14 appearances in the media industry so far.

Zell Swag and the News on LHHH Reunion

On 19th September, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast members were filming the viral reunion episode while a brawl took place between Misster Ray and Zell Swag. If you have watched the clip, you probably have witnessed how Zell Swag invited bolt from the blue punching Misster Ray while pretending to be apologizing. As Swag attacked Ray all of a sudden, he was naturally at a disadvantage being unaware what’s about to happen, right? Cast crews and security rushed to the stage and calmed the situation. Zell Swag was taken out of the stage immediately and fired from the show later on.

Zell Swag Age

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Real Name: Rodney Lazell Shaw

Birth Date: 29th Jan 1988

Birth Sign: Aquarius

Twitter: Click Here

Zell Swag Net Worth: N/A

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