10 Fantastic Roof Styles That Will Add Stylish Flair to Your Home

When it comes to your home, curb appeal is essential to making your home look great. After all, the exterior is the first thing people notice when coming to your home.

One of the best ways to change the appearance of your home is through your roof. Though it may not seem that exciting, there are so many roof styles to choose from, meaning you can easily change the exterior of your home.

If you’re unsure what roof style is right for you, keep reading to learn about the different design options you can invest in.

1. Gable

One of the most common types of roofs is gables. These are a simple, classic option, as they are two pieces of material that come to an edge at the top.

The simplicity of the construction ensures that it looks great on any style of home and is also one of the cheaper options. As there are no additional frills or designs, a classic gable roof is a timeless choice.

This is a great option for homes in colder climates, as it prevents snow or ice buildup. The slanted edges ensure that the precipitation runs off rather than building up on your roof.

Similarly, these roofs are great because the pitch allows for extra space within your home. This means you can construct an attics space to help store your items or convert it into a spare room

2. Flat

Another popular option for stylistic homes is flat roofs. Unlike other choices, these roofs don’t have a pitch, meaning they are completely flat across the top of your home.

These roofs are ideal for dry climates, as the buildup of precipitation on flat roofs can cause damage. If water or snow sits on the top for too long with nowhere to go, the buildup can weaken the roof and cause damage and leaks.

However, one of the biggest pros of a flat roof is that it can be used as a living space since they are level with your home. If you’ve always wanted a rooftop living area, a flat roof is perfect for you!

3. Pyramid Hip

A pyramid hip is another traditional and classic roofing style that makes it the perfect addition to any type of home.

Similar to a gable roof, this features two sides that meet to create a point. However, it also features triangular framing that joins the open spaces together. It is essentially four triangles joined together on top of a home.

This is a great option for square homes, as it helps create visual interest and a dynamic texture. Unlike other types, there is no edge or beam, just a singular point where all the sides meet at the top of the roof.

However, these are more frequent for smaller homes and structures, as the unique shape does not provide much space for the framing underneath.

4. Hexagonal

A hexagonal roof is a perfect addition to older, Victorian-inspired homes that feature turrets. A turret is a small cylindrical tower or stricter attached to homes. However, because of the round construction, they require a different set of roofing.

A hexagonal roof is a great option for turrets or other cylindrical structures, as it forms a round shape. The six-sided roofing features smaller sections of material that come to a point at the center.

Hexagonal roofs are also ideal for independent structures like gazebos. In general, these are often more aesthetic than functional, though they do function as a standard roof. However, they are not suitable for all homes.

5. Gambrel

If you’re looking for a rustic option, look no further than gambrel roofs! These rounded roofs are most frequently found on barns but can fit a variety of home styles.

Constructed of rounded, sloped panels, gambrel roofs are typically made with four panels. Generally, two panels will meet in the middle, with a piece attached to the bottom edge. The lower panels have a steeper slope, helping to highlight the rounded shape.

This is ideal for those looking to maximize space inside the structure, as the high roof provides extra room. Similarly, simple construction means this is a less pricey roofing option when compared to other choices.

6. Butterfly

If you’re looking for more unique and modern types of roof design, the butterfly style is perfect for you. These roofs generate visual interest due to their distinctive style, especially when paired with new builds.

Inspired by a butterfly’s wings, this roof features an inverted gable. Instead of forming a point, the pieces of roof concave to create a “V” shape.

While the design allows for expansive window installation, the untraditional construction can be more expensive than other types of roof styles.

Though many like the look of the butterfly roof, it does also serve some functional purposes. Because the roof slopes down, it can be used as a basin to collect rainwater for gardening or other eco-friendly purposes.

7. Sawtooth

Another unique roof style is known as the sawtooth roof. This option, like the butterfly, is distinctive, and the modern roof doesn’t pair well with older builds like Colonial or Victorian homes.

This build features two parallel sections of roofing that sit slanted next to each other. This generates visual interest do the complexity of the construction.

However, because these roofs can be challenging to install, you may find that they are more expensive than other options. However, the professionals at https://proformanceroofs.com/locations/tampa-fl-roofing-contractors/ can help you easily and efficiently install the roof of your dreams.

On the bright side, depending on which way the roof is slanted, you may find that they are perfect for instilling solar panels. Similarly, they offer plenty of high ceiling space, meaning you can create the vaulted loft room of your dreams.

8. Saltbox

If you love the look of cabins or homes in areas like Maine or Colorado, you can bring the great outdoors to you with a saltbox roof. However, this style was also popular in the early colonial times!

This asymmetrical design features a gable roof that is significantly longer on one side. This creates a cozy, homey feeling while also letting in plenty of light, as one side of your home can have a large number of windows.

However, this option can make your home feel a little smaller, as some rooms may have slanted ceilings due to the longer roof extending further down one side of your home.

The construction is fairly simple, though you may require more roofing materials due to the extended side. This means it is still an affordable option though it may be more pricey than other choices.

9. Curved

A curved roof is another modern option that helps to create an interesting design for your home.

One of the main benefits of a curved roof is that you have the ability to determine how curved you want the roof to be. The more arched it is, the smaller it will appear, so if you have a large area you need to cover, keeping the roofless curved will help.

The curvature of the roof will also depend on the weather conditions where you live. For example, a lower slope can sustain more harsh weather, while a higher curve is better for more temperate areas.

10. Combination

If you have a uniquely shaped home or can’t decide which style you like more, don’t worry! You can combine designs in order to find the perfect fit for your home.

Some of the most popular combinations include a gable paired with a hexagonal roof on the turret. Similarly, you may want a saltbox roof on the vestibule of your home, paired with a more traditional pyramid hip roof.

This is a great option for both practical and aesthetic purposes. They offer the benefit of choosing what styles you like without fully committing to only one design. This will also help your home appear more interesting!

However, the more complex the combinations become, the more expensive construction and installation are.

Which of These Roof Styles Is Right for Your Home?

Though it may seem unimportant, researching the different roof styles for your home is crucial to its appearance. Similarly, the roof design you choose can help impact how your home stands up to certain weather conditions.

Before you decide, be sure to budget and get an estimate for materials, construction, and labor costs.

If you found this guide to the various roof styles you can choose for your home informative, you’ll want to check out the rest of our website. There, you can find more great home improvement tips and tricks.

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