2021’s Promising New Pharmaceuticals

Did 2020 leave you worried about the strain on medical science? If the last year proved anything, it is that medical science is stronger than ever. However, to stay ahead of changes in the industry you need to know what the FDA plans to approve in the coming year. 

There are a number of drugs undergoing or waiting for approval in 2021. Below, we discuss the pharmaceuticals set to improve the quality of life for everyone in 2021. 

  1. Vericiguat

Heart failure has a very low survival rate after hospitalization. This makes any newly developed pharmaceuticals to improve the longevity of life for suffers extremely important. Despite few breakthroughs, Vericiguat seems to offer some promise. 

The drug has been approved by the FDA and after being submitted by its makers Merck and Bayer at the start of the year. It is for use in patients who can pump no more than 45% in their left ventricle. Studies have shown it can reduce the risk of hospitalization and further occurrences by 10%. 

  1. Cabenuva

Cabenuva is the first monthly approved vaccine for the treatment of HIV. It combines two already existing tablets, Edurant and Vocabria, into one form. It is created by ViiV Healthcare, a joint venture between GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, and Shionogi. 

Many antiviral treatments work to neutralize HIV. However, it often returns if not checked and treated constantly. This means that this combined injection makes the whole treatment process a much easier endeavor for sufferers to undertake.

  1. Libtayo

Libtayo by Regeneron already had approval as an immunotherapy drug. However, it has recently been approved for treatment in frontline lung cancer as well. This will add to its already sizable sales and the number of uses. 

Regeneron is now testing the drug in combination with other treatments. These include chemotherapy and attempts to test it head to head against other similar category drugs.

  1. Roivant 

Despite not being a specific drug as such, one company to watch is Roivant Sciences. They are pushing ahead in the field of protein degradation, and have just secured $200 million in funding to develop new biotech startups. 

All of this centers around a computational drug discovery platform named VantAI. This has created protein degradation for six targets so far which have yielded very positive results. 

  1. Retevmo

Retevmo is a cancer-treating drug acquired by the firm Eli Lilly in their purchase of Loxo Oncology two years ago. It is a small pill that is used in the treatment of lung and thyroid cancer patients.

Response rates for the drug have been extremely positive. However, approval on the drug was reliant on Eli Lilly releasing overall survival data. There are also a number of competing newly developed pharmaceuticals in the field, from Roche and Blueprint, which could prove more successful. 

Stay up to Date With Pharmaceuticals News

To keep your finger on the pulse of pharmaceuticals, either as a health professional or investor, it pays to watch current FDA approvals. 2021 is set to be a record year for new drugs, and it will be sure to push the field of medical science forward greatly. 

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