3 Property Selling Tips to Help You Sell a Home as Is

Foreclosure threat, the need to relocate quickly, and divorce are some of the reasons that can make you want to sell your property as is. There’s nothing wrong with selling the property this way, but you risk failing to make as much money as possible from the deal.

There are other challenges that come along with selling a home as is. For instance, it might be difficult to attract prospective buyers, leaving the property to seat in the market for several weeks or even months.

How do you overcome such challenges?

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  1. Get a Home Inspection

Many states have laws that require property sellers to disclose to potential buyers the repairs a house needs.

You might be tempted to skip hiring a home inspector, presumably because you believe you know all the issues the property has. Don’t make this mistake.

Yes, you might think you have a good handle on the repairs the house needs, but there are other problems that might not be visible to the naked eye.

For example, you might not notice a termite infestation because these pests live underground. If you sell a house without disclosing termite damage, the buyer can slap you with a costly lawsuit.

As such, the first step to selling a property as is, is to order a home inspection and get a full report.

  1. Determine Whether to FSBO or Hire a Local Agent

When you’re selling a property, you have two options: sell it on your own (FSBO) or hire a local real estate agent.

Which way should you go?

Both paths have their pros and cons, so it all comes down to your needs. For instance, if you want to sell quickly, hiring an agent is the way to go. You’ll pay a commission, yes, but you’ll find a buyer fast.

However, if your goal is to make as much money as possible off the sale, then by all means cut out the middleman and take the FSBO route. Just be prepared to have the property on the market longer.

If you resolve to hire an agent, ensure they’re well-versed with the local area and that they have vast experience selling “as is” properties.

  1. Sell to an Investor

There are thousands of individuals and companies that buy properties like yours. These investors will snap up such a property, fix it up or sit on it, and sell later on at a profit.

So if you’re looking for hacks for selling my property as is, this is it. Go online, look for an investor, and give them details about your house. If they want it, you could get an offer before the day goes.

Put These Property Selling Tips to Use

Selling a property as is isn’t the easiest of tasks. Most buyers want a finished space that’s move-in ready.

However, it’s doable. With these property selling tips, you’re now in a good position to offload your property as is, quickly.

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