3 Quick Tips to Avoid Boob Spillage


Boob spillage is more common than you think. So you’re not alone if you’re constantly shifting and squeezing your breasts into the cups. The reason why your breasts can’t stay in place has got nothing to do with the size or shape of your breasts. It’s entirely up to the bra!

It doesn’t matter what size or shape your breasts are. Whether mismatched, splayed, wide-set, pointy, big or small the following bra spillage tips will help you get through. It could be either you have boob spillage from the side or top or underbust. There’s a solution for everything.

3 Quick Tips to Avoid Boob Spillage

#1 Measure bra size properly

Most likely, you’re wearing the wrong bra. The cups that support your breasts are too small. And so they’re unable to contain your breasts causing spillage.

Measure your own bra size using a measuring tape and stand in front of a mirror. Wrap the tape around your mid-bust region. It must be around the fullest part of your breast which is generally at the center.

Then measure your band size by wrapping the tape around your underbust region. This is where the bra’s band is bound to sit without rolling up or causing gaping.

You got the bust and band measurement. What you need now is the bust measurement. Subtract the band from the bust measurement. This should give you your perfect cup size.

The chart goes something like this. If the bust size is 50 and the band size is 46. The cup size would be a 4”. So your perfect bra size is 46D. To know the correct size for the cup, refer to the manufacturer’s size chart. But for some brands, it’s a universal bra size chart.

#2 Wear the right cup size


The right bra isn’t that hard to find especially, when you can point to the exact problem with boob spillage. If you’re experiencing side bulging that is when your breasts feel squeezed and poked out from the side. It’s pretty clear that you need a bra for side spillage.

Similarly, if what you’re getting is a “quad boob.” Your breasts are spilling over the cups from the top. What you need is a bra with bigger cup support. Now I know what you’re thinking. If I buy a size larger, wouldn’t it be loose?

You can always opt for a bigger cup size without changing the size of your band. So no slipping straps or band that hangs rather than sits firmly on the back. You can shift from ‘C’ to ‘D’ in cup size without altering the bust. So if you’re 46 in bust size, just go from 46C to 46D. Simple, right?

#3 Wear the right band size

If switching to a larger cup size doesn’t solve the problem. The last resort would be to switch to a large band size. But there’s another reason why you’d probably want to do this. It’s when you get a back bulge. Narrow and tight bands often cause this.

A band smoothens and supports your back as well as your upper abdomen. If it’s too tight, your skin is bound to look almost as if it’s spillage. To reduce pressure near your oblique and back muscles, try a larger band size.

You could also opt for bras with better band support. Such as longline bras and strapless plus size bras that have a wider and longer band shape. It gives you all the support you could possibly need without feeling stuffy or sweaty or hot. A good choice, if you ask me, for women with well-endowed breasts.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about boob spillage? Can these quick tips avoid boob spillage and save your lift? It’s harsh to live without ever getting to experience the joy of wearing a comfortable bra but all that’s about to change now.

Simply said, your bra shouldn’t hurt you. You may wear a sexy and structured bra. But if it’s uncomfortable or irritating, that’s not right. A bra is designed to impact your breast size and not make your chest look lumpy or uneven.

Boob spillage is a huge sign that your bra is too tight. If there’s boob spillage from the side or top, try a bigger cup size. If your underbust feels too tight or there’s a noticeable back bulge, try a bigger band size. These quick tips to avoid boob spillage will make things much clear.

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