3 Ways to Increase Your Online Sales

Did you know you can start a micro business for as little as $3,000?

Online stores are even more cost-effective to run, requiring no commercial leases. In many instances, you don’t have to worry about payroll! Automated eCommerce sites are an entire operations team in one.

Getting your site up and running is only one hurdle. You need a sales strategy that covers your investments and smashes sales goals.

Discover three ways to generate more online sales.

1. Think Inbound

Inbound content marketing and keyword research encourage more organic sales. Since buyers are search engine-savvy, you can use SEO to get their attention.

For example, inbound marketing defines buyer journey stages, like problem awareness and decision-making. The first stage gives you a prime opportunity to promote your brand, known as “brand awareness.”

Brand awareness SEO campaigns leverage keywords like “how-to” or general facts, attracting users curious about topics. As users progress through the journey, they consider more searches, like “company a vs. company b.” Eventually, these behaviors lead to online sales.

Wrap up their journey by automating “thank you” emails and purchase confirmations.

Inbound campaigns require a lot of content, metrics tracking, and marketing methods. As you scale, learn more about digital marketing services that grow with your brand.

2. Organic vs. PPC SEO

If you want buyers to find you in Google, you need a strategic mix of organic and paid SEO.

Organic SEO refers to content discovered in regular search results. Paid SEO alludes to pay-per-click (PPC) strategies. Both strategies are essential for inbound marketing, working together to boost SERPs positioning too.

However, organic SEO takes a while to resonate in search; it depends on consistent content creation and link building. If you want to boost brand awareness quickly, PPC ads will instantly position your company above top organic results.

Google Ads lets marketers bid on relevant keywords, appearing first for those searches. Similar to content marketing, PPC ads require targeted keyword research and optimization. Wrap up your search ads with strong CTAs, inspiring users to click.

Google shopping ads are another eCommerce secret weapon for the holidays!

3. Tell a Compelling Story

Think about all the marketing channels available. With so many platforms, you can weave a cool story that generates real interest in your brand.

Suppose you sell a pain relief product. You could use YouTube marketing to amplify customer stories. Highlight more powerful testimonials on Instagram, and include a discount code in the caption to incentivize users.

Google itself uses story-driven marketing. Its famous doodles are one example of this strategy. The company regularly features employees in its ad campaigns too.

Incorporate storytelling in your web design to guide visitors toward desired actions.

For example, gamification design walks visitors through sign-up processes. This method is excellent for onboarding software users and online students. Companies also use gamified questionnaires to customize product choices.

Reimagine Your Online Sales Strategy

Don’t be afraid to try new digital marketing strategies. Kickstart your online sales journey with this beginner’s guide, advancing toward more complex methods.

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