4 Advantages of Owning A Grand Seiko Watch

When you think of Grand Seiko, you think of luxury watches. Its parent company Seiko has been making many watches since its foundation. Grand Seiko only came in by 1960 to cater to the luxury market. With their watchmaking expertise, owning one is worth getting. They have many watches to choose from and keep delivering quality watches.

Planning to get your first luxury watch? You should consider the watch’s features, design, and availability. Fortunately, Grand Seiko checks all the boxes as your first choice. Check out these advantages of Grand Seiko as your first watch!

Handmade Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is the key aspect of Grand Seiko. All models follow handmade techniques, which are passed down from many generations. Because of this, many watch collectors value the brand for its handmade approach. Fortunately, there are many available models to choose from. The GS Official website has hundreds of collections made with Japanese craftsmanship. Some of them even come from special collections only used for specific occasions. 

If your watch needs servicing, your watch gets repaired by in-house watchmakers. Compared to machine-made repairs, the handmade approach focuses on the root of the problem. As a result, your watch will last longer. However, it will cost you extra to buy a premium repair. Grand Seiko is notable for its high-quality craftsmanship and repairs in its watches. 

Dedication To Accuracy

Grand Seiko values accuracy. It is no surprise that many of their models follow this principle. If you get a quartz watch, you get the best possible accuracy in the market. For Grand Seiko, some watches improve accuracy for sports watches. This makes it ideal for active users who value precision in their routines. Combined with the precise skill of craftsmanship, their accuracy is a cut above the rest. 

Brings The Best Watch Movements

Coming from a well-known brand, Grand Seiko carries on the tradition of quartz movement in their watches. Almost all of their watches have quartz, which is the industry standard. If you prefer automatic or mechanical movement, they also have these movements. The watchmaker knows that movements determine the watch’s quality. Fortunately, they have these in store for both watch collectors and those buying their first watch. 

Innovative Technology

Compared to other watchmakers, Grand Seiko likes taking risks. While its luxury image may look different from other watches, its willingness intrigues it. They use materials like titanium or ceramic to shake the watchmaking craft. After all, they are founded on the principles of Japanese craftsmanship. 

Grand Seiko always pushes the boundaries of luxury watches. If you need a watch with simple features but presented in a posh presentation, they got it for you. Their timepieces are built to last, working for many generations. 

Wrapping Up

There are many advantages to owning a Grand Seiko watch. Each timepiece follows handmade craftsmanship, and servicing also goes through expert watchmakers. So when you receive your repaired watch, it will last a lifetime. Furthermore, each model features specific movements to your liking, whether you want quartz, mechanical, or automatic. Above all, you will own a watch that keeps pushing the boundaries of luxury. Grand Seiko should be the next watch in your collection today. 

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