4 Lawn Care Tips Every Frankston Homeowner Must Know

Owning a house indeed has its perks, but one needs to be aware of the not-so-glamorous part of being a homeowner- the home maintenance. If you are one of the 24005 proud homeowners in Frankston, Victoria, you must be aware of what homeowners must do to keep their houses in top-notch conditions. As the home exteriors play a crucial role in curb appeal, many homeowners hire professionals for lawn mowing Frankston.

Lawn care is a critical part and often neglected part of home maintenance. A well-kept lawn improves your curb appeal and serves as an additional recreational area for your leisurely activities like playing, BBQing, yoga, and a backyard picnic. If you wish to keep your laws lush green and well-groomed, here are four lawn care tips that you must know. 

1. Inspect the Soil

Regarding turf care, the underlying situations reflect on the surface. That means you must tend to the problems with the soil and have a lush green turf. Inspecting the soil helps discover the issues and take the proper steps to improve soil quality. You can use the information and test kits offered by local agricultural authorities to test the quality of the soil.

To take suitable soil samples, look for problem areas like blank patches, thin grass, or dried-up turf. Take separate samples for each problem area and test them with the kit, or send them to the local labs to get the results. 

2. Solve Irrigation Problems

Water is the living force of plants. Your turf will cease to exist without sufficient water. But too much water can kill it too. That’s why you must ensure an even, regular and adequate water supply to your turf. Look for dry areas that don’t get the water, as the sprinklers often miss some spots. If your hoes have leaks make sure you fix them, or else the puddle created by excess water can damage your lawn. It’s also important to check the water quality as hard water is full of harmful minerals that can affect the law’s health. Simple tests can help you discover the water problems and make the necessary changes to the irrigation system.

3. Improve the Lawn Aesthetics

As mentioned earlier, home exteriors can significantly impact your home’s value. The houses in Frankton are in great demand as many of them are adequately maintained and have higher curb appeal. Improving the lawn aesthetic can significantly enhance the home value. You can install stone figurines, gazebos, decks, plant flowers, and add more lighting and pathways to make your law visually attractive.

Frankston is located on the South-East side of Melbourne. Frankston remains in high demand for living and property selling close to the capital city. As the medium house sale price in Frankston is $777,500, it’s evident for homeowners to hire professionals for lawn mowing in Frankston. It will ensure a high quality of work and long-lasting results. You don’t want to risk depreciating your house due to some poor lawn care work. 

4. Provide the Essential Nutrition

The turf needs essential nutrients for optimal and healthy growth and water and sunlight. Nitrogen is one of the fundamental nutrients that all plants need. The soil test helps you understand the deficiency of nutrients to feed the proper nutrients to your lawn. You can use mulch, fertilizers, and other organic matters to make your lawn healthier and greener. 

Your lawn reflects your efforts to keep your house in the best condition possible. That’s why it must be kept well-fed, adequately watered, and nutrient-rich all the time. Hiring a professional makes more sense as it cannot be possible for many homeowners.

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