4 Reasons to Offer Hybrid Working to Your Staff

Since the pandemic, hybrid working has become an increasingly popular business model for desk-based work. Although a lot of employers are reluctant to keep the hybrid working model as the pandemic is easing, there are several ways that offering your staff hybrid working opportunities could be beneficial to you and your company. Read through our 4 reasons to offer hybrid working to your staff to see if it could be the right move for your business.

  • Improves Work-Life Balance

One of the main benefits of a hybrid system is the flexibility it offers your staff. The option to work from home if they choose to can help employees improve their work-life balance. Cutting out a commute can open up hours of every day to the average worker, with the average commute time still sitting at around 59 minutes a day for UK commuters. This extra time can prove beneficial not just to employees’ mental health but also to their physical health, with more time available to them during the day to go to the gym, do a food shop and cook healthy meals for themselves each evening. So make a hybrid work schedule with your employees to boost their energy and productivity. Remote working also greatly improves conditions for parents, particularly single parents, who may not be able to afford health care. Being able to work from home and look after your children or make it to the school run can greatly improve the lives of parents, making it a great option for employers wanting to boost the family relationships of their employees.

  • Boosts productivity

Hybrid working, particularly if employees are in an office some days a week and working from home others, can really boost staff productivity levels. Time in the office has proven to increase the amount of creativity and collaboration that goes on within the workplace, however, giving your staff the option to work from home can minimize distractions and offer a change of scenery, particularly for those working full-time hours over the week. Offering employees a combination of both ways of working is the best option for keeping staff productive and motivated while still giving you the chance to check in with everyone regularly. This, along with other employee benefits can be the key to a productive workplace. Check out Zest Benefits to see how you can put together an employee benefits package that works for you and your staff.

  • Talent from further afield

Offering the opportunity for remote work can be a great way for a business to attract talent from further afield. Whether this is someone with a longer commute who would be reluctant to travel every day but is willing to make the journey once or twice a week or whether you hire fully remote workers from across the country or even internationally, remote work opens the doors for your business to hire the best talent from a much wider area.

  • Saves you money

If you are increasing the size of your team but don’t have a lot of office space, why not implement remote working for your employees? You can rotate the day of the week that different employees are working to make optimum use of the desk space available and save you from having to rent out a bigger office space which would cost you significantly more money in the long run. Hybrid working can be a great way to solve space issues and save your business money.

Overall, hybrid working is something that can provide a lot of benefits to both employees and employers. From a better work-life balance for your staff to reduced costs for you, hybrid working could be the win-win solution you’ve been searching for.

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