4 Signs Your Cabinets Need to Be Refinished

Did you know that it costs an average of more than $5,000 to update kitchen cabinets in the United States?

Kitchen cabinets can be an expensive investment because they are custom and can be made with high-quality materials.

If you aren’t sure if you need to update your cabinets or not, there are a few red flags to watch out for.

Continue reading to discover some of the biggest signs that your cabinets need to be refinished for a better appearance!

1. Chipped & Faded Paint

One of the most obvious signs that your cabinets need to be refinished is if you are seeing problems with the paint.

Painted cabinets can get chipped, cracked, and fade over time. You will likely notice the fading in areas that get direct sunlight from windows and doors. If the structure of the cabinets is still in good condition, sometimes a fresh coat of paint will make them look brand new.

You can look up cabinet refinishing near me for professional painting that will be thorough and consistent.

2. Old Hardware

If you are sick of looking at outdated or rusted handles and hardware, you should make some updates.

Installing new hardware on your cabinets can help them function better and improve their appearance. People that want a good-looking cabinet finish shouldn’t neglect the hardware because it makes a large impact on the view.

3. Doors Won’t Open & Shut

When you can’t fully open and close your cabinet doors, it is time to start making some renovations.

If you can’t open the door and drawers on your cabinets, you might be dealing with a larger issue. When the material of the cabinets is old it can get warped and saggy over time, especially if it has been exposed to water.

Refinishing the cabinets will prevent your doors from getting misaligned and stuck. This issue can be frustrating when you are trying to get items to cook dinner and can’t get to them.

4. Outdated Style

Many people refinish their cabinets when they are making other upgrades to their homes.

An updated kitchen can make outdated cabinets stand out for all of the wrong reasons. Although some styles from the 70s and 90s are making a comeback, cabinets should be updated according to the style of the house.

If you are looking for a more modern look, you should consider getting window cabinet doors that allow you to the what is inside.

Do Your Cabinets Need to Get Refinished?

Figuring out the best time for when your cabinets need to get refinished can be challenging.

Since it is a pretty high price to get them updated, you should make sure that they will last a long time. Repainting and upgrading the hardware can make them look brand new. If you have an issue with the integrity of the cabinet structure, however, you might have to replace more materials.

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