5 Benefits Of Installing Solar Power To Your Home

As the price of sustainable energy continues to plummet, more households are changing over to clean, renewable energy sources. Among the most cost effective and copious of these, is residential solar. Have a look at these five benefits of installing solar power to your home.

  1. Offers Clean, Sustainable Electricity

Solar power is a complete, sustainable energy source and lowers the reliance on coal, oil and natural gas for producing electricity. Such fossil fuels generate harmful emissions that has an effect on the quality of water, air, and soil which contributes to global warming. Solar energy, in comparison, generates no pollution and the sun’s plentiful power provides an unlimited energy source which is not harmful to the ozone layer or landscape.

  1. Gives You Control And Freedom Over Energy

Many households have had a constant increase in both duration and frequency of electricity outages over the past few years. Many of the electricity grids are outdated and can’t always handle the extreme weather conditions and increase populations in the country. It can cost billions to restore the electricity grid and make it more secure. The grid must be modernized to handle increasing demands of society. Contacting SunPower installer on Maui to install a home battery unit which is powered with solar panels can help store sufficient energy to power your home through peak usage hours, which provides you with the freedom to control your family’s electricity usage. With a home solar system, your residence is powered by the rooftop solar panels during daytime and via energy stored in the battery at night time. Installing a solar system can give you energy independence. Solar systems and batteries are becoming more cost effective, resilient, accessible and efficient. They offer peace of mind as well as energy security for households in the event of a power outage or when a storm strikes again.

  1. You Might Save On Your Present Utility Bill

If you’re trying to save cash on monthly electricity expenses, a home solar system can offset the costs. These savings can even accumulate on cloudy days, because the sun releases energy through cloudy and clear skies. Solar power provides savings and efficiency year-round, despite colder or cloudy climates. Contingent on the size, orientation and efficiency to the sun, certain solar panels produce more electricity than your house uses. This cloud lowers your monthly electricity bill to nil. In some areas, you can qualify for a rebate when your residential solar system generates excess power.

  1. You May Qualify For Tax Breaks

In some states, you might qualify for state, federal and local tax breaks. For instance, with a federal solar tax credit, you can obtain a dollar-for-dollar reduction against federal income tax. However, tax credit only applies if the residential solar system was installed by 31st December 2019 and will no longer apply after 2021. Buying residential solar panels for your home can boost the resale value of the property.

  1. Costs Have Come Down

The cost of installing solar has come down significantly in the past few years, dropping more than seventy percent over the last decade. You can save cash on maintenance as well since a solar system have no moving parts that can break down. The cost on solar batteries have also come down substantially.

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