Undoubtedly, paint rollers make painting a quicker and easier task. They are faster than paintbrushes, spread paint evenly across various surfaces, and are less messy than a spray system. Also, they are great for both commercial and home use.

While cleaning paint rollers and storing them properly is critical, buying the correct ones comes first. A single roller may not be apt to paint a ceiling, wall, or other areas. You must choose the right size and quality roller, suitable for the job at hand.

Here’s a list of some very popular paint rollers you can choose from, depending on what you need to paint.

  • Manual rollers

Manual rollers are among the most standard varieties in the paint roller market. They feature connectors for handle extensions and are primarily used to paint ceilings, walls,  and other large surfaces. In some rollers, the handle is so long that you can paint an entire ceiling without the help of a ladder. Many folks use these to complete paint jobs or minor touch-ups around the house.

  • Textured rollers

These rollers feature specific foam covers designed specially to paint a texture onto a surface. Different rollers have different patterns etched onto their foam covers, allowing the paint to stick to the surface in a certain way, sort of like a faux finish. You can choose from various textured rollers that simulate bricks, tile, wood grain, stone, and many other patterns.

  • Pad rollers

Investing in pad rollers is an excellent idea if you need to paint edges or trims. They have a highly-absorbent flat pad enabling them to create even, straight strokes on the surface. They also have small wheels along the edges, which help keep the paint application straight and smooth. Pad rollers are the best choice to paint a single surface with multiple colors.

  • Mini hot dog rollers

As the name suggests, these are miniature rollers shaped just like a hot dog. They are becoming increasingly popular as the perfect tools to paint areas that are difficult to reach. For instance, you can touch up places behind the sink or the toilet. You can also run the rollers over intricately designed cupboards, shelves, or rolling doors.

  • Specialty rollers

When you buy textured paints like stone, suede, or light plasters, they will typically come with a specialty roller. It’s what the paint manufacturer wants you to use to apply their product to the optimum best. These rollers are designed to be highly absorbent as many textured paints tend to have a heavy consistency. They help make the application process much easier and hassle-free.

The importance of keeping rollers clean

When rollers are left with paint on them for a long time, the liquid will dry and cake, refusing to come off. Even if you manage to remove the paint eventually, it will be harder to use the rollers without leaving marks on the painted surface. That’s why cleaning paint rollers regularly is vital if you wish to use them for as long as possible.

Disassemble the roller, soak it for a while, and rinse away all the residue paint. Do this every time you use the roller to ensure that paint does not dry on it. When the roller is not in use, you should dry and wrap it in a heavy paper towel.

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