5 Easy Ways to Reduce Paper Wastage at Work

Worried about too much paper in the office? Does it make things seem so unorganized or are you worried clients might think your business isn’t eco-friendly?

Fortunately, there are ways to combat this! You can reduce paper wastage easily with 5 simple steps. Read our list below to learn how you can achieve this:

  1. Use Recycled Paper

If you want to reduce paper wastage, start by using recycled paper. The more people rely on recycled paper, the less we’ll need to cut down trees. Fortunately, you can find high-quality recycled paper, ensuring you don’t have to sacrifice quality to go green.

You don’t have to buy recycled paper all the time. Got a stack of papers with print on only one side? Mark the printed side and then print new documents on the blank sides.

  1. Print Double-Sided

Why waste 10 pages of paper by printing on only one side? Print double-sided to reduce the amount of paper you need. This should be the case for long memos since those consume the most paper.

Do the same for forms, such as employee information forms or meeting notes. The only time you should print on both sides is for certificates and similar documents. These often get framed so you’ll have to put everything on one side.

  1. Edit Digitally Before Printing

Laptops turn on quickly. The same goes for phones and tablets. If you have to print something, take the time to edit it and go through it before printing.

This ensures you won’t have to re-print it because there’s a spelling mistake or there’s information missing.

Can’t trust your eyes? Use tools like Hemingwayapp, Grammarly, and ProWritingAid to work on writing flow and grammar. Use tools like Copyscape to chase down plagiarism and to double-check credibility in reports.

Make sure that the printed data contains accurate data so you won’t waste paper!

  1. Use the Cloud

Most businesses print on paper to keep records. Medical facilities, for example, need to keep cabinets of patient data. However, with modern technology comes better ways of storing important information.

One of the best options is the cloud. There are many good options, particularly Google Drive, DropBox, and Microsoft OneDrive. They offer affordable storage plans and you can access them on multiple devices.

Using the cloud significantly reduces your dependency on paper. You no longer have to print folders’ worth of customer information or business memos.

  1. Paperless Meetings and Payouts

Whenever you conduct your next meeting, get rid of paper. If you have to take notes, use a tablet or a laptop. Some businesses simply use a phone to record a video of the whole meeting, which is a more accurate method of storing the information discussed.

You can also go old school and invest in desktop computers that promise advanced performance. Tablets and laptops may be convenient since you can carry them anywhere. However, desktop computers have more power, are easier to use, and are less expensive to upgrade. You can use them in jotting down minutes, sending e-mails, or editing business plans.

This system works for paystubs too. You can give digital paystubs instead of printing them. You can get more information about that service here.

Cut Down Paper Wastage Today!

Reduce paper wastage with these 5 simple but highly effective steps! Going digital and making smart use of the paper you have can cut down your business’s reliance on more paper. Go green and save the environment — it’ll look good for your brand too!

Found this guide useful? We’ve got more in store for you! Don’t wait to check out more of our guides to discover more ways to improve your business!

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