Have you ever imagined how much can be achieved with EdTech, mostly by students with disabilities? In education, one of the hardest things to deal with is blindness or other visual impairment issues. Students want to learn as others, be independent and don’t ask friends and family “please do my homework for me”. Scientists respect the right to do the best and are constantly looking for solutions. EdTech can be an essential support structure for students who have difficulty learning due to one disability or another. With the various technologies available in the market, knowing the right technology to pick can be an overwhelming task. This article will help you make the right choice.

Braille Note-taker: The Braille note-taker by Apex is an excellent tool you can trust when it comes to EdTech for visually impaired students. Aside from collecting and organizing information, BrailleNote Apex helps to process emails and word documents. The technology is IOS supported and features the standard computer keyboard aside from the regular Braille keyboard.

Audio exam player: This is another fantastic tech app that allows students who can’t see to access written texts in audio formats. This is most useful in exams without needing a teacher to read out the text or cause any distractions during exams.

Virtual pencil: This app is specifically built to make solving mathematical problems much easier for visually impaired students. This app achieves this by interacting with the user through Braille and audio making it easy for the students to track the progress of the work as well as make corrections where necessary. It has an easy-to-use interface, and Students can easily navigate through.

Type ability typing Instruction: Without doubts, typing is a skill that may be difficult for visually impaired students to learn. Learning how to type is an essential aspect of their education that should not be overlooked. This particular EdTech is a full keyboard education course that features about 99 different typing lessons. Its feature of offering vast courses gives students that use it an advantage over others because they can work correctly on various kinds of keyboards.

Audible: Simple and effective, this technology by Amazon assists students with visual impairments. It is just like a podcast or audiobook service that is compatible with all smartphones, iOS, and laptops. It makes it easier for the students to have access to different kinds of information ranging from textbooks, classroom podcasts, etc.


Disabilities aren’t the end of life, and those living with disabilities shouldn’t be made to feel less of the fact that they are humans and can attain any height they desire.  Living with visual impairment is an inconvenient situation. However, with the aid of Edtech, support from loved ones and determination of the student, positive things can happen. The student can secure a great future in spite of their unfortunate circumstances. These EdTech tools make learning seamlessly enjoyable to them. 

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